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The region of the radical chic

Beard, big glasses, scarf, retro bike, projects swimming around in the mind, friends in London, Paris and Barcelona, loft, vegan restaurants. Many icons and the desperate need for culture and elevated themes. The radical chic needs some good tunes! Let's take music to a new level of complexity, style, and intrigue. Music that speaks not only to our musical side but also dazzles us with undeniable vibrancy! This is the music for the radical chic! With an astonishing variety of genres, tempos, and melodies, it will infuse trends with edgy panache and high fashion. You won't be able to resist its captivating pull! Come live and breathe this brand new sound Ð a symphony of freshness and fun.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Bon Iver - Holocene
2-Cloud Nothings - No Future / No Past
3-Awolnation - Sail
4-Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger
5-Diiv - Doused