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Scandinavian Oregon: the danger of boredom

From the humid and dark Scandinavia to the desolate and sad streets of Oregon. Men are dragged under the sun, pushed by Nordic memories or family tragedy, constantly punishing themselves in a hypnotic repetitiveness that imprisons them. Majestic mountains, lush greenery, and winding rivers. That is the beautiful Scandinavian Oregon, a land of nowhere. But beneath the idyllic tranquility lies a frightening dormant danger: boredom. Enter the darkly alluring sound of music as an alterative to this silent foe. Entangling emotion with thunderous drums and wayfaring notes; created purposefully for listeners who desire to express their passion and seek solace. AnxietyÕs noose slowly tightening, but only for a moment; until the chains burst from endless melodies portraying powerfulÑand forbiddenÑthemes of survival and discovery, bouncing off the walls of discouraged minds across dazzling lands unspoken by fate.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Radiohead - Reckoner
2-Arch Enemy - We Will Rise
3-Lou Reed - Perfect Day
4-Pixies - Where Is My Mind
5-Elastica - Unheard Music