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The best rock of the 90s

It was the turn of the nineties when rockers thought differently about fame and awards versus a sense of freedom in life. When a live version of any song topped its studio counterpart, something magical happened deep within our hearts. Among dimmed faces ever so tired, sticky and utterly satisfied was the music, it drove us away with its gentle yet persistent drum beats. Amidst all this sat many issues like hypocrisy, truth versus terrorism and songs that set their insight for generations to come. Polygraph.co presented with an exclusive list of some of the most heard rock songs from those years around intending to passionately drive the revolution forward through distinctive sounds that once dominated lives beyond reconciliation. A list of the most played song of the 90s, for Poly-graph.co. In those years the rockers seeemed still not thinking about to be stars or to collect awards.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Soundgarden - Spoonman
2-Offspring - Come Out and Play
3-Extreme - More Than Words
4-Blur - Girls and Boys
5-Guns n' Roses - Don't Cry