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Italian New Year Eve

You decided to spend your new year’s eve in Italy. Your tour operator, usually your more-than-dynamic partner - that planned you out of your Christmas laziness - decided you will drive all the way down to visit a zillion Italian cities. Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome. You limerick your way through Italy, such a magic shooting studio for your Mediterranean craving, but wait… New year’s eve is almost there, everything has been planned but you forgot the freaking perfect party for the freaking last night of the year. The radio’s on, and some strange Latin gibberish mixed with music is pouring out from the loudspeakers of your rented car. All you understand is they keep repeating the worlds party and anno - year - whose meaning you remember from your days studying Italian. You panic. What the heck is up with these Italians?
Last added bands to the playlist: Mario Biondi, Annalisa, Harlem Gospel Choir, Rocco Hunt, Sal Da Vinci