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Black Cat, White Cat

YouÕve arrived in an isolated village in the countryside of the East: out of place, desolation, hostile faces. Suddenly a country band appears and you find yourself dancing with all the crazy people. Making its way over the Danube River, a distant and happy celebrating can be heard Ð Balkan music! Enter a whole world of lively, enchanting tunes with Black Cat, White Cat! From beautiful pennywhistles to toe tapping tamburitzas, folks are ready for some fun. Music lovers around the world have discovered this traditional sound from Serbia and Eastern Europe. Simply sit back and take in the beats exuding from Black Cat, White Cat Ð let yourself be transported on a magical journey that never ends!
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4-Ot Azoj - Disco Katala
5-Goran Bregovic And Gypsy Kings - Balkan