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Black Cat, White Cat

You’ve arrived in an isolated village in the countryside of the East: out of place, desolation, hostile faces. Suddenly a country band appears and you find yourself dancing with all the crazy people.
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Romani People Django Reinhardt, born in 1910, a Belgian-born French composer and guitarist, has scripted many songs dating back to the heritage of the Romani people. Encompassing gypsy jazz, gypsy swing, bepop and Romani music. Django is considered within the French Gypsy culture one of the greatest guitar players of his era. Romani music covers many genres with a distinctive theme based on folk music, inspired by the Romani people culture experience through settling or passing through many countries. Andalusia in Spain thrives with the Spanish flamenco to which this music is played by the Romani people of Spain. Traditionally a nomadic ethnic group, The Romani people mostly live in Europe, originating from the Northern regions of India. Around 1000 years ago the Romani Gypsy arrived in Mid-West Asia and dispersed within Eastern, Southern, and Central Europe along with Spain, Turkey and Southern France. With music themes created from Hungarian, Russian and Romanian sources, the population of Vienna and Budapest enjoyed the Romani orchestras, with Eastern European melodies. Romani music has influenced many European classical composers such as Johannes Brahms and Franz Liszt, with a deep passion and following in Croatia, Romania, Serbia and many Eastern European countries. Romani music is the strength and heritage of the Romani people when you hear the sound of the guitar and rhythmic beat you will hear the stories of the travelers who inspire many young artists of this day, keeping tradition strong and proud within the Romani people. Sunshine Publications, A Division Of Isabella Rose Online w. www.isabellarose.online e. editor@sunbshinepublication.com