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Serial killer

The TV series everyone is talking about, meanwhile they go on killing. An unsolved mystery around the world has hidden within music since the rise of the internet – a phenomenon known as the Music Serial Killer. Hauntingly similar titles and patterns have been discovered combing multiple streaming services, with no indication yet of an answer as to who is responsible for this curious trend. The most recurrent musical alias to be credited thus far is simply referred to as The Workshop – though could something else be afoot? Across nations, fans alike have joined forces to in order to unlock this sinister poser, yet the scrutiny does not appear near ceasing any time soon. Could this almost mythic vigilante activity be perpetrated by one person or more? Will it extend beyond doppelgangers tracks, evolving into other obscure musician’s works being connected through encrypted ways? Perhaps you too can take part in solving this perplexing case and acquiring recognition as a sleuth – happy In
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