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Raein is an Italian screamo band that featured members from screamo act La Quiete and the post rock band Neil on Impression.
Introducing the Musical Genius – Raein
If you're a music buff and haven't heard of Raein, then you're in for a treat! This Italian band has been winning hearts and ears with their unique musical style, indie-rock, and post-hardcore genres all over the world since the early 2000s. Raein has become synonymous with lyrical brilliance and high-energy performances, making it a favorite on the world music scene. But who exactly is Raein, and why should you tune in to their sound? Well, that's what we're here to find out!
Raein was formed in 2000, in Forli, Italy, with the original members Marco, Andrea, Luca, and Paolo. They were inspired by the hardcore punk and emo styles of the early 2000s. However, they created an entirely new sound that is hard to categorize. Raein's sound is a fusion of post-hardcore intensity, unique guitar rhythms, and angelic but raw vocals that create a distinctive vibe for their audience.
The band is known for their emotionally charged live performances, which have earned them a cult following. Some of their best songs include ‘Tigersuit,' ‘The King Is Dead,' ‘From 3 To 1 In 2 And 4,’ and ‘Artmachine Observation.' Raein has released four albums, Absence, Il n'y a pas de orchestre, Sulla Linea Del Confine Tra La Favola E La Paura, and Perpetuum. These albums highlight the band's musical expertise and unique style that sets them apart from other artists.
One of the band's most notable concerts was in 2007 when Raein performed at Fluff Fest. This festival featured hardcore and punk bands from all over the world. Raein's performance was said to be one of the most mind-blowing experiences of the festival. The audience was captivated by the band's intense performance, and it was clear that Raein would be a band to watch out for.
Critics have praised Raein's music, with some even calling it post-hardcore perfection. Raein's musical biography is impressive, and their commitment to creating new sounds has earned them a loyal fan base. The band is not afraid to experiment with new styles, and this is evident in their music. Raein is a talented and exhilarating band that is worthy of any listener's attention.
In conclusion, Raein is a band that deserves more attention and recognition for their unique musical style, emotional lyrics, and addictive sound. Their dedication to creating innovative music and live performances is second to none. When listening to Raein's music, one can feel the passion and emotion that goes into every note. If you're a music lover, then Raein is a band that you should add to your playlist. They definitely won’t disappoint!
1 - D?den Marscherar ?t V?st
2 - Tigersuit
3 - 1 di 6
4 - The King Is Dead
5 - The Tree
6 - 2 di 6
7 - Faithless
8 - 5 di 6
9 - Artmachine Observation Tower
10 - 4 di 6
11 - 6 di 6
12 - Miss Kelly Dathe
13 - endlesstourlife
14 - She Wears My Blood
15 - From 3 To 1 In 2 And 4
16 - Nirvana
17 - New Day Scenario
18 - Chains
19 - 3 di 6
20 - Blue Lines
21 - This Life My Cage
22 - On Air
23 - Parte 1
24 - Se La Notte Sogno, Sogno Di Essere Un Maratoneta
25 - Tetraedycal Fluctuating Faster Than The Speed Of Light
26 - Parte 2
27 - Trasparenti Oscure Virtù
28 - Shout The Silence
29 - Costellazione Secondo Le Leggi Del Caso
30 - Straight To The Mirror
31 - Oggi Ho Deciso Di Diventare Oro
32 - Abitudine, Cerimonia, Magia.
33 - Come Materia Infinita
34 - Bright Key
35 - Attualità Dell'utopia
36 - Armento Zo Bota
37 - The Monitor Told Me To Kill Her!
38 - Love And Death
39 - Like A Batman Dressed Clerk
40 - Il N'y A Pas De Orchestre
41 - Remix 1
42 - ...so We'll Be The Winners (sure?)