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The Evolution of Architects: From Metalcore to a New Dimension of Music
Architects is a British metalcore band that formed in 2004. Over the years, they have become one of the most acclaimed bands in the genre, with a loyal fan base and numerous awards. However, their musical journey has been far from easy. After the tragic loss of guitarist Tom Searle in 2016, the band had to overcome immense grief and find a new sound. In this article, we will explore the biography of Architects, their best songs, music genre, and a critic for some of their famous concerts.
Architects started as a metalcore band, with their first album, Nightmares, released in 2006. Their aggressive sound and politically charged lyrics quickly garnered attention in the underground metal scene. With each album, the band showcased a musical evolution. From Hollow Crown to Daybreaker, the band added more melody and experimental elements to their sound. However, it wasn't until their sixth album, Lost Forever //Lost Together, that Architects found their unique voice. The album's combination of guitar riffs, electronic elements, and Sam Carter's emotional vocals created a new dimension of metalcore.
Some of the best songs from Architects include A Match Made in Heaven, Doomsday, Colony Collapse, and Gone With the Wind. Each song represents a different aspect of the band's sound and showcases their lyrical prowess. Doomsday, for example, is a fan-favorite and features a haunting piano melody, while Colony Collapse is a fierce attack on the destruction of the environment.
Architects' music genre is often categorized as metalcore, but they have expanded beyond the genre's limits. The band incorporates elements of post-rock, electronica, and alternative metal into their sound. Consequently, Architects has been praised for their innovative approach to metalcore. Their music is emotional, powerful, and speaks to a generation who is tired of the status quo.
The band's critical reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Their seventh album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, won the Best Album award at the Kerrang! Awards, while their eighth album, Holy Hell, received critical acclaim for its exploration of grief and loss. Architects have also played some of the most famous concerts in recent years, including a headline show at the legendary Wembley Arena.
Critics have praised Architects for their ability to combine heavy riffs with melody and experiment with different genres. However, some have criticized the band for straying away from their metalcore roots and indulging in electronic soundscapes. Despite these criticisms, Architects remains one of the most relevant and exciting bands in the music industry today.
In conclusion, Architects' musical journey has been full of evolution, experimentation, and exploration. The band has managed to find their unique voice and push the boundaries of metalcore, creating a new dimension of music. From their best songs like Doomsday and Gone With the Wind, to their critically acclaimed concerts at Wembley Arena, Architects has cemented their place in the music industry. Their ability to combine heavy riffs with melody and experiment with different genres is a testament to their musical prowess. The loss of Tom Searle was a devastating blow, but the band's resilience and passion have allowed them to overcome immense grief and create powerful music. Architects is not just a metalcore band - they are a symbol of resilience, hope, and creativity.
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Brutal Assault
Jaroměř, Czech Republic
1 - Follow The Water
2 - Day In Day Out
3 - Hollow Crown
4 - Dethroned
5 - Numbers Count For Nothing
6 - Learn To Live
7 - In Elegance
8 - These Colours Don't Run
9 - Every Last Breath
10 - Borrowed Time
11 - An Open Letter To Myself
12 - Dead March
13 - Heartburn
14 - Gravedigger
15 - Alpha Omega
16 - One Of These Days
17 - Naysayer
18 - Left With A Last Minute
19 - To The Death
20 - Red Eyes
21 - Btn
22 - Devil's Island
23 - The Bitter End
24 - Stay Young Forever
25 - A Match Made In Heaven
26 - Daybreak
27 - Broken Cross
28 - Truth, Be Told
29 - Buried At Sea
30 - In The Desert
31 - Year In Year Out/up And Away
32 - Minesweeper
33 - C.a.n.c.e.r
34 - The Devil Is Near
35 - Outsider Heart
36 - Behind The Throne
37 - The Darkest Tomb
38 - Gone With The Wind
39 - Dead Man Talking
40 - Feather Of Lead
41 - This Confession Means Nothing
42 - Hunt Them Down
43 - Unbeliever
44 - Modern Misery
45 - Death Is Not Defeat
46 - Royal Beggars
47 - Doomsday
48 - Hereafter
49 - The Blues
50 - Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat
51 - Nihilist
52 - Gravity
53 - Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat
54 - Animals
55 - Delete, Rewind
56 - We're All Alone
57 - Early Grave
58 - Goliath
59 - Black Lungs
60 - Dead Butterflies
61 - When We Were Young
62 - Tear Gas
63 - A New Moral Low Ground
64 - Deep Fake


Brutal Assault
Jaroměř, Czech Republic
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2024-08-08 h: 12:00
Catton Park
Derby, UK
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Alcatraz Metal Festival
Kortrijk, Belgium
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Flugplatz Dinkelsbühl Sinbronn
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2024-09-28 h: 19:00
Egyptian Room at Old National Centre
Indianapolis, US
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Uptown Theater
Kansas City, US
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2024-10-02 h: 18:00
Ogden Theatre
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The Factory in Deep Ellum
Dallas - Fort Worth, US
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House of Blues - Houston
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2024-10-06 h: 19:00
Aztec Theatre
San Antonio, US
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Marquee Theatre
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The Theater at Virgin Hotels
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Los Angeles (LA), US
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