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If you’re moving to the rhythm or offbeat, slowly or violently, finding yourself drugged and dreamy on notes from the electric guitar, on the words of freedom, in states of pure youthful emotion… then you’re feeling it. This is rock! From the 50’s rock & roll smashing your eardrums, moving your body and feeling the thrill. There are many offspring, from metal to punk, all with a common denominator: the electric guitar. Go ahead and make that sign of the horns. Do you ever just lay down in the grass, close your eyes and really listen to rock music? That kind of music can transport you off to another world. It has the potential to give an electrifying feeling like no other. When you hear a smashing electric guitar, relentlessly pounding drums, and rhythmically witty lyrics all merged together – that's an amazing sound! Explaining as such cannot do justice; it is truly a beautiful chorus unique to that respective artist or group. Rock music continues to impress musicians worldwide, who compose great pieces of intriguing music that won't soon be forgotten. So throw on your favorite rock hit blaring through the speakers and feel the soulfully energetic spirit of the genre come alive around you.