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Fantastic Negrito


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With a mix of soul, gospel, blues and rock, FANTASTIC NEGRITO has an explosive sound. He is one of the artist you should take note for the future.

Fantastic Negrito: A Musical Biography of the Grammy Award-Winning Artist

Fantastic Negrito, also known as Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz, is a remarkable artist who has been wowing audiences with his unique blend of blues and funk since his emergence into the music scene. His journey in music has been unique and inspiring and this post will delve deep into his biography, his style of music, his most famous albums and songs, and his influences. Whether you are a longtime fan or are just discovering his music for the first time, join us as we explore the fascinating world of Fantastic Negrito.

Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz was born in 1968 in Massachusetts and raised in Oakland, California. He grew up listening to soul, blues, and funk music that became a significant influence on his style. He started his musical journey as a youth, playing in punk rock bands and experimenting with different genres. However, he took a break from music after a severe car accident that left him in a coma. After his recovery, Fantastic Negrito stepped away from music and concentrated on other pursuits.

It wasn’t until 2014 that he made a comeback with his EP Fantastic Negrito. The EP was followed by The Last Days of Oakland in 2016, which won him his first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2017. In 2018, he released Please Don’t Be Dead, which was recognized as the Best Contemporary Blues Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards, cementing his place among the greats in the music industry.

Fantastic Negrito's musical style is a perfect blend of blues, funk, and rock that captivates listeners of all ages. His ability to tell stories through his music is one of the reasons his music has won critical acclaim from around the world. His most famous songs include The Nigga Song, Working Poor, An Honest Man and Plastic Hamburgers. These tracks reveal his ability to tackle pressing social issues with his lyrics and are sure to resonate with anyone who listens to them.

Fantastic Negrito's music has been influenced by many artists, including Joni Mitchell, Funkadelic, and Bill Withers, to name a few. He has always been vocal about the impact of these artists on his music, saying they taught him to be fearless and to think outside the box. His musical style has been described as a mix of old-school blues, R&B, and rock n roll, with a modern twist.

Fantastic Negrito has carved out a distinctive place in the music world, fusing blues, soul, and funk to create music that speaks to all who listen. His journey has been a fascinating one, from his beginnings in punk rock to his now well-acclaimed music career. He has won two Grammy awards in a row, indicating just how talented and respected he is in the music industry. His music tackles pressing social issues that are relevant to our times, resonating with people from all walks of life. Fantastic Negrito is an artist worth exploring, his music has the power to move you, and expose you to experiences you never knew existed.
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1 - Working Poor
2 - Lost In A Crowd
3 - Night Has Turned To Day
4 - Hump Thru The Winter
5 - About A Bird
6 - The Nigga Song
7 - The Worst
8 - In The Pines
9 - Push Back
10 - Fever
11 - The Shadows
12 - Plastic Hamburgers
13 - The Duffler
14 - A Boy Named Andrew
15 - All Up In My Space
16 - These Are My Friends
17 - King Frustration
18 - Shigamabu Blues
19 - Interlude - What Would You Do?
20 - Intro - The Last Days Of Oakland
21 - Searching For Captain Save A Hoe
22 - Rant Rushmore
23 - Transgender Biscuits
24 - A Letter To Fear
25 - Scary Woman
26 - I'm So Happy I Cry
27 - Bad Guy Necessity
28 - Chocolate Samurai
29 - Bullshit Anthem
30 - How Long?
31 - An Honest Man


2023-12-31 h: 20:00
Dubai Opera House
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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