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Dissolved in the remote north

Desolate and humid woods, a flat land far away, recurring and old nightmares, dark and delirious monsters, alien ancestors of our grandparents. DonÕt go out at night. The North Region is alive with Viking spirit, and the music composed by ancient bards has a way of instantly inspiring joy! The melodies produced just fill the air with an energy that's invigorating and so full. Feelings of joy ripple through one's soul as the vibrations move through sound like never before. As soon as you locate the source it will bring about a warmth inside your chest amidst more singing, drumming, and chanting musical creations born from millennia past. Put simply there's no other feeling in the world like listening to the Music from the North Ð it celebrates a celebrating nature that demands emotion, respect, and appreciation of tradition.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Pamyua - Ocean Prayer
2-Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
3-Röyksopp - What Else Is There
4-Amiina - Thoka
5-Le Vent Du Nord - Elise