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Celtic music flavors, Dublin

Head out to Templebar here in Dublin, drink a few beers, listen to the live music, enjoy the laughter of the other patrons and have a fantastic night.
Last added bands to the playlist: The Script, The Pogues, My Bloody Valentine, The Devlins, The Chieftains


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Celtic Music

Dolores O'Riordan the singer of The Cranberries captured the very essence of Irish Celtic music in the 1990s. Maura O' Connell known on the Nashville's country music scene was an Irish-born singer, starting on the streets of New York. The 1960's worldwide folk music revival led the way for artist such as Alan Stivell and Paddy Moloney, who identified that Celtic music had become a broad grouping of music genre, inspired by Celtic people of many nations, evolving from original folk music.

With Celtic music being identified with Scotland, or sometimes referred to as "Celts". Across the water, Celtic music was popular in Ireland, to which the Irish collaborated from their ancient heritage of this Celtic nation. At times dominating this music genre, giving the belief they are the only heritage to Celtic music. Scotland, Ireland, and Wales in Great Britain, all were linked strongly with Celtic ancestry, which is a common music heritage between the three nations.

Celtic fusion has been regarded as one of the oldest music tradition, formed in the rural American south, with the influence on the early colonial time inspired by the English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh. American folk music, including rock and roll, blues and country all were influenced by this old time Celtic genre. With the success of "The Clancy Brothers" in 1959 America, a revival of Irish Folk music opened the way for male groups such as the "The Dubliners" an Irish Folk band of the early seventies. With their mix of traditional Celtic music with the up and coming pop music and dance tunes of that generation. Celtic music has been used across many genres for it's originality and instrumental sound of the violin, flute, hornpipe and many string instruments.