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Celtic music flavors, Dublin

Head out to Templebar here in Dublin, drink a few beers, listen to the live music, enjoy the laughter of the other patrons and have a fantastic night. The air in Dublin is infused with the sounds of Celtic music. You can hear its quaint rhythms drifting through the old cobbled streets, creating nostalgic waves of euphoria. The melodies evoke a spirit of joy and celebration thatÕs uniquely Irish Ð itÕs part of this wonderful cityÕs rich heritage. From traditional jigs and reels to compelling anthems and heartfelt ballads, Celtic music flavors the heart of DublinÉ and you can experience it for yourself. Join us for a delightful tour around Dublin where every corner offers yet more exhilarating reminders of its remarkable cultural heritage!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-The Chieftains - O'sullivan's March
2-The Devlins - Waiting
3-My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow
4-The Pogues - Dirty Old Town
5-The Script - Nothing