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The root of the deep souls

12Ó vinyl discs found in small shops in London, Jamaican tunes, weÕre on the hunt for the roots of reggae. Important and seducing foundations, and Jah who oversees us. Ganja is in the air. Excitement ripples through our group as we embark on a journey to explore the vibrant and colorful world of reggae music. We board planes destination London, ready to soak up the traditional vibes from its bonafide hopping pubs. Our intent is clear; find the source of reggae and unearth what makes its unique sound so beloved by so many! As we make our way around drinking spots and legendary venues, expertly tuneful Jamaican beats guide us as each melodic breeze fills our tails with anticipation. Exploring this unfamiliar terrain with positive enthusiasm, we look for anything and everything that sparks interest. Whether it's stumbling upon a hidden jam session, wandering local market stalls for rare records or simply sampling a pint at a local dive bar, the potential destinations are magnificent! The love affair continues as the rhythms become more infectious with every step. Our discovering know no limits in pursuit of the roots of reggae. We embrace our curiosity and dare ourselves not only to uncover its history but actually live it in our own genuine way!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Rockstones - Burn Me Out
2-Anthony Chambers - Jah Foundation
3-Roland Wellington - When Jah Come
4-The Itals - Time Will Tell
5-Cultural Roots - Mr Boss Man