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Inside the arena jump up

Imagine you’re in an arena full of people, everyone’s in a frenzy, jumping frantically and dancing strangely. Dude, this is your night!
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Jump Up

Elvis Costello, singer-songwriter released his album "My Aim Is True" in 1976, recorded at the Pathway Studios in London. With it sounds being a collaboration of Jump-up, this unique and recorded sound influenced many subgenres to emerge and influence current artists to change their way of mixing their vocals and instrumental recordings. The Rolling Stone magazine listed this album as the 80th greatest selling album of all time.

Jump up is a subgenre of drum and bass, which was a branch of electronic music a genre on it's own, developing in the 1990's from the old-school jungle and rave, popular in the United Kingdom. With the nightclubs sampling break beats, beats, and syncopated music mixed with subgenres ragga jungle, breakcore, hardstep and funkstep. This influenced music artists and DJs to experiment with trip hop, dubstep, techno, rock and pop.

Many musicians feature hip-hop samples, light-hearted vocals and rhythms with a strong and loud baseline to maintain an exploding sound. Jump Up developed by the crowds "jumping up" and dancing when tracks with ambient intros started, often breaking into breakbeats. 1995 saw a revival of this genre, suburban bass artists DJ Hype and the Dream Team, released "Yeah Man Remix" in 1995, allowing the style to be completely reversed and rewritten with it's ability to mix breakbeat motions with tech-step.

In today's music interpretation records originally made with the "Jump Up" collaboration can only be called "drum and bass", only the tunes recorded with a softer and lighter feel can be associated with Jump Up. 2016's music scene has started to bring back the history of Jump Up, by mixing and playing soft breakbeats in the background or their songs.