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Inside the arena jump up

Imagine youÕre in an arena full of people, everyoneÕs in a frenzy, jumping frantically and dancing strangely. Dude, this is your night! The mood inside the arena was electric. The music made everyone want to jump up and dance. Are your toes tapping and your head nodding? Then you must be listening to some amazing drum and bass, otherwise known as Jump Up Music! Its fast paced melodies, coupled with intricate drumming make this genre bouncing with energy and enthusiasm. Every partying spirit would enjoy its styles:Whether itÕs techstep, ardorcore or jungle that tempts you most. With influences centuries old, and vibes of present day intertwined Ð Jump Up Music makes any ordinary night turn extraordinary! From the party animal to mild music mavens; anyone whoÕs hearing a drum and bass beat just canÕt help but nod their head happily along. If a music charged evening is what you desire Ð Get ready to pump it up with some awesome ÔJump UpÕ vibes !
Latest songs added to the playlist:
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3-DJ Hype - Weird Energy
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5-Rude Bwoy Monty - Jungle Man