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The avant-garde music of advertisements

The immense stage of the advertisement screens, scenes suitable for launching experimental sounds, 30 second illusions that come back to you throughout the day, making you think: who made that? Black friday! Music brightens the atmosphere, getting us bopping along and smiling with soulful melodies resonating through our ears. Advertisers are increasingly utilizing this method to communicate their message, creating musical messages that assemble an almost hymnal feel inside stores and on TV. From Broadway-style jingles to supercharged dance tracks, modern marketers are creating tunes aimed at tapping into our playlists. While some of it can be annoying, other soundtracks elevate our shopping experience and giddily loop inside of us with a blast of cheer.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-David Guetta - The Alphabeat
2-Richie Rosa - Step It Up
3-Passion Pit - Take A Walk (the M Machine Remix)
4-The Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun
5-The Toxic Avenger - Angst Two