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The Third Eye

The Third Eye sometimes referred to as the Brow Chakra or inner eye. Has an esoteric and mystical concept, a perception beyond ordinary sight, an invisible eye that vibrates on the high spectrum of energy allowing one’s thoughts and visions to expand their sixth sense. In the ancient tradition of Hinduism and New Age spirituality, the third eye is the gateway towards higher consciousness within the inner realms and enlightenment of our etheric body or sometimes referred to as the Auric Field of a Human Body. Music creates the path to open up the third eye by matching the higher frequency of resonation with the lower vibration of the base, sound, and rhythm of the beat. Theta waves occur whilst we are asleep when we allow our body to relax and in a deep state of meditation. Our perception and dream state allows the human brain to retrieve, receive and visually connect to the outer world of imagination or sometimes referred to as a physic vision of the third eye. Shamanic therapy with music creates a steady-rhythmic beat of a drum struck four and one-half times, the same natural rhythm our body creates with the theta waves that are naturally present whilst sleeping. Theta meditation music enhances learning, awakens our intuition, relaxes the body and allows the two hemispheres of the brain to release positive signals to the pineal gland, the brain’s “storehouse” of our sensory perceptions. When the energy centres within the body are vibrating on a higher frequency, the vision of the third eye opens, hence seeing an outer reality or universal energy of consciousness. Binaural beats with a mix of subliminal visualisation, gives you a dream state feeling, a sense of lightness and freedom to visually expand the third eye.

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