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Enchanting us with its colors and movements. Music Television—often abbreviated to MTV—was established in 1981 as a revolutionary way for people to experience music visualized. Immediately after, it quickly rose in popularity due to the economical production cost and wide media availability. This allowed MTV's viewers unprecedented access to upcoming artists and widespread knowledge of current media coverage, propelling the careers of numerous superstars that came out of that era. Through engagement with their audience, MTV enabled up-and-coming musicians in creating unique ways to demonstrate their artistry, like through visual components on music videos or interviews on iconic shows such as The Real World and Unplugged In New York. Music Television continues to be a large influence in pop culture, always advocating new aural experiences while championing diversity in all forms of expression.
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Should reality shows be forbidden?

Television is democratic. Audience is the way to express your vote, to give your opinion, to help channel to make their own programme schedules. So if reality shows still live, it means that people love them. No doubt about this. One of the main advantages of forbidding reality shows is the fact that television channels have more free time to be filled up with cultural programs, like documentaries. With this forced solution, television, as an instrument to educate people, can recuperate his role. What is more, reality shows create false aspirations in the mass, people could watch them as a way to escape from their poor real life, and, for example pushing daughter to prostitution in change of a place in the show. However, there are disadvantages of forbidding reality shows. Many people will be lost their main themes of discussion. How do they occupy their coffee times during the work days? Moreover, this will go against democracy, people desire reality shows, they are exciting and they go inside people’s privacy. So this increases curiosity, perversion and thriller, from this point of view it seems impossible to stop reality. All things considered, “show must go on”, so it will be impossible to forbid reality shows. The only way to remove them from television, it’s to wait till people will get totally bored by them. With my growing worry documentaries have to wait an indeterminate while to have a central role in the programme schedules.
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