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Finding God in music

When the Christian religion merges with music, it brings us one of the most positive messages through words sung and yelled by those who genuinely wish to change the world. Christian music is truly taking off! Its combination of pop and rock influences has made it one of the most joyous sounds out there, making you want to get up and dance. It provides an infectiously happy mood that's quickly taken radio plays everywhere by storm. People just can't seem to get enough; it's blowing their expectations for music out of the water with inspiring words and upbeat rhythms. Everyone has been hitting the replay button, wanting more!

The Wonderful World of Christian Music: A Complete Guide
When it comes to communicating positivity and spreading love, the Christian religion is known to be one of the most powerful sources. And when this religion merges with music, it creates a whole new level of positive impact. The Christian Music industry is booming right now, with sounds that are bound to uplift and inspire you. In other words, it's a genre of music that offers hope, joy, and comfort to listeners. If you are new to Christian Music, this article is for you. In this piece, we will take a deep dive into the history, genres, songs, artists, and so much more, that make Christian music the wonderful genre that it is.
History of Christian Music
Christian music can be traced back to the early 1st century of the Jewish and Greek cultures. It started with chants and hymns, which were sung in different languages in the Jewish Synagogues. With the introduction of Christianity, the music began to be used in religious worship, with a mix of ancient Greek and Christian doctrines. During the Reformation period (16th century), the music started to evolve into more modern sounds like hymns and chorales. Musical instruments became welcome additions to Christian music, as congregants could now sing while being accompanied by organ and piano sounds.
Genres of Christian Music
Christian Music has many genres, such as Contemporary Christian music (CCM), Gospel music, Praise and Worship, Urban/Remix, and Christian Hip Hop music. CCM was popularized in the late '70s by artists like Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. It combines elements of pop and rock music with Christian lyrics, making it an accessible genre for both Christians and non-Christians alike. Praise and Worship music, on the other hand, is often performed during Church services. It's a form of modern Christian music that involves the congregation actively engaging in worship during the music. Gospel music, also known as black gospel music, originated from the African American Christian church. It's a genre that's characterized by strong rhythms, soulful vocals, and uplifting lyrics.
Notable Artists and Songs
There are many notable Christian music artists across different genres. Kirk Franklin, Cece Winans, and Yolanda Adams are some of the most notable artists in the Gospel genre. However, Lauren Daigle, TobyMac, and Hillsong United are some of the well-known and contemporary Christian artists who have dominated the charts with hits like You Say, Everything, and Oceans.
Importance of Christian Music
The message of hope, love, forgiveness and salvation is very powerful in the gospel music genre. It’s an industry that goes beyond just producing songs for listeners but also ministers through music to the broken hearted and the burdened. When artists sing about their personal experience with Christ, it shines a light on the human experience and provides support and encouragement to others. They can help people find peace and comfort during various stages of life, such as losing a loved one or going through difficult times. It provides a sense of belonging, hope, and a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, someone loves us.
Christian Music is a sound that's as potent as it is passionate. It has come a long way from the early days of chanting hymns. Over the years, Christian music has been influenced by other music genres, making it accessible and enjoyable for all music lovers. Its message of love, hope, and faith has been a source of comfort, strength, and guidance to many. From the classics of Kirk Franklin to the modern sound of Hillsong, Christian music has something for everyone. It’s no wonder it's one of the fastest-growing genres in the world today. Give it a chance, and it may change your life forever.