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Finding God in music

When the Christian religion merges with music, it brings us one of the most positive messages through words sung and yelled by those who genuinely wish to change the world. Christian music is truly taking off! Its combination of pop and rock influences has made it one of the most joyous sounds out there, making you want to get up and dance. It provides an infectiously happy mood that’s quickly taken radio plays everywhere by storm. People just can’t seem to get enough; it’s blowing their expectations for music out of the water with inspiring words and upbeat rhythms. Everyone has been hitting the replay button, wanting more!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Kyosko - Inmortalidad
2-Barlowgirl - Never Alone
3-Dc Talk - Consume Me
4-Audio Adrenaline - Kings & Queens
5-Kutless - What Faith Can Do


Special contents

Christian Music

Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, and Bob Dylan are just some of the Rock genre to have been prominent artists in the Christian music genre, singing in churches and creating songs that are deemed as contemporary worship music. With the Jesus movement revival, Christian music became popular in the 1960's, a genre of popular modern music encompassing Christian faith within it's lyrics and sound.

A contemporary mix and style of Southern gospel, hymns and gospel in today's society, this genre has grown to be recognised within the rock, pop and worship style of recording artists worldwide. Larry Norman the "father of Christian rock, developed a new genre back in the 1960's by mixing Christian scriptures with rock rhythms.

Many people from the 1960's counterculture, who were spiritual followers of Jesus. Reached out to the Evangelical Churches to accept "Rock and Roll" music as an inspiring genre instead of their belief it was only for sinners. The church needed to regain its popularity, with the movement of peaceful marches against the strict rules of the Church; it was accepted and developed further into the new age Christian music genre.

By the late 1980's the Christian music genre was a multimillion-dollar industry with artists such as Amy Grant, DC Talk, Keith Green all having crossover success with their records and albums, playing successfully on the radio in the United States. Many of the songs encompass lyrics of worship, faith, encouragement, and prayers. Christian music has had recorded sales of over 44 million and growing each year with the popularity of this genre and the outlook to make a positive impact on the world. Sparrow records dedicate a high percentage of their profits to the Christian community, influencing the general public to invest in their records.