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Where did we come from? Who are we?. Music is an art form that has history stretching back over many centuries. Each part of its evolution has led to the rich variety of music available to us today. From around 350BC, the ancient Greeks brought tuning systems with fractional intervals and monodic singing into play. Then in the Middle Ages, paper sheets were used to write down melodic lines leading to much earlier forms of modern notation. And by the time musicians in 1400s Italy started combining a dominant melody with bass notes forming harmonic progressions, what would become known as homophonic harmony was born. Towards the end of this same century, baroque polyphony were being developed at around the same time religious popes Florence were spreading canon behaviour across Europe which would come to span almost three hundred years This set music off on a course which endured through until even up until modern day's composers add new sounds crop up take their place alongside those f
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