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Fun New Skills Senior Citizens Can Learn

Lifelong learning is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for senior citizens to keep their minds active. Learning something new and having a hobby is great for mental health and can even help those suffering from depression or dealing with addiction . But according to the Association for Psychological Science, not just any activity will do. Cognitive function in older adults seems to only show significant improvement when learning activities that are challenging and unfamiliar.

The problem with a lot of older adults, however, is that they either have trouble leaving the house, or they would rather not go out alone. The good news is that there are solutions to both of those problems. Why not find a group class where you and your friends can learn something new? Or how about an online activity that will keep your brain sharp? Here are several things to try.

American Senior Communities states that dementia is approximately 35% lower among senior citizens who stay physically active. Almost every city has at least one facility that offers group senior citizen fitness classes. Take your local YMCA, for instance. Almost all of them offer some sort of “Silver Sneakers” classes, like toning and cardio or water aerobics. They’re also usually free or very inexpensive. Take advantage of the activities your city already offers.

Learn to Play an Instrument
Music lights up parts of the brain that no other activity does. Playing music has cognitive benefits and can boost mental health. According to the NAMM Foundation, studies show that music “enhances the memory of Alzheimer's and dementia patients.” But you don’t necessarily have to take private instructions to learn an instrument. There are lots of online options as well. Click here if you’re looking to purchase an instrument like a saxophone or clarinet.

Go to College or Start a New Career
There absolutely are degree options or new careers for seniors that can be flexible and profitable. Take real estate sales, for example. Why not get your real estate license and get out there and meet new people and make extra money? Or if real estate isn’t your cup of tea, you might consider going back to college. For example, you could get a degree in bookkeeping. The best thing about going back to school as a senior citizen is that there are tons of colleges who offer free courses to adults over 65.

Learn Computer Skills
According to ScienceDaily, technology is a huge source of frustration for a lot of senior citizens. And with the rapid advancement of technology today, this leaves many older adults in the lurch. Seniors benefit from computer access for many reasons, including communication and healthcare such as telemedicine programs.
Fortunately, most seniors have access to classes to help them learn this skill. Almost every community offers free internet classes for adults, and some high schools even allow their students to teach the skills to seniors in groups. But if you’d rather have the hands-on experience of learning at home, there are also plenty of websites that offer easy-to-follow tutorials.

Learn a Foreign Language
Amazing things happen to the brain when learning a new language, and with all the available ways to learn, you’re certain to find one that fits your needs. Phone apps like Duolingo make it easy to learn a language in short, easily digestible lessons. But there are also online classes, adult education classes, and even travel classes available. What better way to learn a new language than with a group of your friends in another country!

Learn a New Hobby
You may not think you can learn things like gardening or knitting online, but you can. In fact, lots of craft bloggers and craft stores offer easy-to-follow videos you can access anywhere. You can take up photography, needlework, painting, and almost any other hobby you can imagine online. But if you’d rather learn in person, check your local college or newspaper for community classes that interest you.

Lifelong learning is more than just a fun way to occupy your time. For aging adults, it’s critical to keep challenging the brain and keeping it active. And with all the opportunities available to senior citizens at affordable rates, there has never been an easier time to do it.

Article written by Julie Morris
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