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Best Christmas Songs

Ho-Ho-Ho! It's Christmas time again! It's a season for music and a time of good Cheer. Good tidings to you, where ever you are Good Tidings at Christmas and a Happy New Year! With this playlist with the best christmas songs of all time we wish you a Merry Christmas!
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From the time of Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald , when Christmas is coming, many artists propose Christmas songs or make cover of familiar songs of this period. In most cases albums and singles arouse attention, they generate profits and then they disappear. Sometimes some song risks to become a classic, it is reinterpreted in the following Christmas, creating a vicious circle. As, for example, did Bing Crosby with "White Christmas" and Mariah Carey with "All I Want for Christmas is you". The fact is that we can’t imagine a Christmas without these songs we could hear without being tired.

List of best-selling Christmas albums

christmas elvis

Elvis’ Christmas Album - Elvis Presley (1957)
The LP consisted of some Christmas songs released by RCA Records in October 1957 in the United States.
It spent four weeks at number one on the Billboard Top Albums chart
Miracles: The Holiday Album - Kenny G (1994)
Now That’s What I Call Christmas! - various artists (2001)
A Fresh Aire Christmas - Mannheim Steamroller (1988)
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas - Mannheim Steamroller (1984)
The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole (1963)
Noël - Josh Groban (2007)
These are Special Times - Celine Dion (1998)
Merry Christmas - Mariah Carey (1994)
A Christmas Album - Barbara Streisand (1967)


8 Of The Best Holiday and Christmas Gifts For Newlyweds - part 2

Gifts for the Home

· Personalized gifts
– Newlyweds often register for the necessities during the shower and wedding. That’s why a special, personalized gift for their first holiday season together may be a great idea. You can get them personalized travel gear, a monogrammed picnic set, personalized pajamas, matching mugs, or joint stationery. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into getting them a unique gift.
· Picture frames – People don’t have as many photos of themselves sitting on their mantles or hanging on their walls as they used to. But, newlyweds moving into a new house may enjoy displaying pictures of themselves as a married couple. Consider giving the newlyweds picture frames of various sizes and shapes.
You also could make DIY picture frames to make your gift more special and unique, especially if you place your favorite photos of the couple in the frame for them. Maybe you have a photo from their first date, candid photos from the wedding, or other special photos they have not seen before – these can make a perfect holiday gift.
· A cool clock – People also don’t have clocks in their homes anymore. But, clocks are still a useful gift to every new home. A funky or antique clock is a cool addition to any décor, and you’ll know that the happy couple will think of you every time they look at it.
· Again, a cash gift – This is a great option if you don’t know what they want, are unsure of their style, or simply know the money could be used elsewhere. For example, if the newlyweds are in the process of building a nursery to prepare for the future, a cash gift can help them complete this project. And don’t forget that helping to foot the bill for these changes to their home can help them down the road; should they decide to sell, the addition they made for their children could boost the property appraisal value.

Add cheer to the newlywed’s first holiday season by giving them their first couple gift. Anything that makes them spend more time with each other is bound to be a hit.
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8 Of The Best Holiday and Christmas Gifts For Newlyweds - part 1

Choosing holiday gifts for newlyweds can be tricky because they recently received so many gifts at their wedding. You want to give a gift that shows them how much you care, but you aren’t quite sure what they already have or what other people are getting them. If you’re struggling with choosing the right holiday gift for the newlyweds in your life, consider the following ideas presented by Staimusic and listening to best best christmas songs.

Gifts They Can Do as a Couple

· Couples music lessons
– If the newlyweds love music, consider signing them up for music lessons. Couples music lessons are a thoughtful gift that can encourage them to spend time together and be creative. Playing music as a couple may help them relax and per Greater Good Magazine, studies indicate it’s a great way to bond. Learning music online can allow them to spend some quality time together in their new house. There’s something for every newlywed couple. They can learn how to sing, play instruments, or even program some beats. Makes you wonder if the couple will study the same instrument, or complement each other with their music.

· Couples massage classes – Couples love making one another feel good, but not everyone is adept at giving a massage that can put their partner at ease. One holiday gift idea that a couple can do together (and that is a gift that keeps on giving) is a couples massage class. As Best Health points out, couples may learn how to give massages properly and help take care of each other’s physical and mental health when you gift them with couples massage classes. · Golf lessons – Anyone can learn how to play golf. You can consider giving the newlyweds couples golf lessons. They’ll learn the game of golf and have fun together on the golf course or driving range nearby while setting down the fundamentals of their golf swing. Playing golf is a fun pastime, and it can also allow the newlyweds to make new friends while giving them a workout, as per Healthline.· Cash gift – If you’re not sure what you can get as a couple’s gift, you can never go wrong with cash. They could use this for a variety of purposes, for either themselves individually or as a couple. For instance, if one of them has their eye on taking classes at an online university to help further their career, a cash gift could help them make that dream possible. Alternatively, it could be used as the foundation for a vacation that they don’t have the money to take right now. It may not be the most personal of gifts, but they may need the cash more than you realize.
Tag: best christmas songs, gifts, newlyweds, new ideas
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