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Criminal Minds Songs

Criminal Minds' music has captivated audiences with songs throughout its run. From live performances to studio recordings, here's a list of some of the show's best and most memorable offerings. Think of Ready to Go by GetSetGo, which appeared in season one as a poignant ballad representing unexpected loss. Then there's Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colvin playing at the end of a dramatic ninth season finale. Meanwhile, other classic tunes used include the lighthearted Flight Jolly Wings in season two and Die Krupps enjoyable alms for supremacy Full Metal Jacket from campaign year 11 or Faithless peaceful anthem God is a DJ. Most startling and powerful however has to be Andre Ceciucca & Norman Dello Joio's frightful version on terrorism, truth vs hypocrisy for polyraphco in the late 90s. All this solidifies Criminal Minds as worthy custodians when it comes to meaningful musical montages and backdrops Ð just add a tune now and memories will come flooding back! Criminal Minds have some great music, these are only a resume of the serie«s best songs.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Adele - Turning Tables
2-Johnny Cash - Hurt
3-Fluke - Absurd
4-Annie - Dark Road
5-Lifehouse - Broken