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Shuffle Dance

Dance wearing sneakers with LED sole, it is fashionable, and your feet will be the protagonists showing incredible optical effects in the darkness of the dancefloor. The shuffle is rapidly moving your feet on the floor keeping up with the rhythm of electro house. It is not that simple, it requires speed and coordination. With stepping, it has developed in Miami’s clubs and it has become viral in no time. The trend is absolutely a must for the young swaggers (the swag is the trend of the good guy who acts like a poser and looks for troubles) who record videos and upload them on YouTube. For the nostalgic: pay attention, shuffle dance has nothing to do with 1950s blues, as the songs are remixes and bootlegs of famous pop tracks. In this playlist you can find the best SHUFFLE DANCE.



Shuffle dance: What is It And What are its important Features?

Shuffle dance: What is It And What are its important Features?The actual name of shuffle dance is Melbourne shuffle, and it is an organized dance that takes place at parties or in any public place. It is called Melbourne shuffle because it originated from the most populous city of Victoria state, the city of Melbourne, Australia in the 1980s. This dance is performed on the music which is generally produced with the aid of electronic instruments. Electronic instruments involve Telharmonium, Theremin, Ondes Martinet, Trautonium, Hammond organs and many others.

Methods to shuffle dance:
There are generally three methods to shuffle the dance. The three methods are divided into many steps.
1. T-step:
- There must be distance of 1 foot between the feet of the dancer.
- Uplift your right feet and shamble your left foot inside.
- Move your right foot downward and stumble your left foot outside.
- Repeat it for at least five times.
- Continue shambling obliquely.

2. Running Man:
- Your left foot must be a foot ahead of your right foot.
- Upright your right foot.
- Haul your left foot backward.
- Make your right foot grip on the floor.
- Lift your left foot and haul your right backward.
- Continue staggering your feet.

3. Pull it all together:
- Now repeat the running man and the T-step alternatively.
- There must be a spin between T-step and the running man.
- Arm movements will be added in accordance with other body movements.

The Running Man originated in Africa and this is street dance which involves simple running action. It is also closely related to the T-style dance. In shuffle dance the dancer drags his feet rather than lifting them.

Popularity of shuffle dance:
In the 980s, shuffle dance remained unpopular. But with the advent of social media in the 2000s, the shuffle dance became known in the dancing world, as the people mostly performed the dance in the public places and they made their dance videos and then upload them on YouTube. The arm movements of shuffle dancer are exactly aligned with their heels and toes movements. Nowadays people dance in public places such as beaches and make their videos and in order to become a social media star upload them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube , TikTok and many more.

Health benefits of shuffling:
It ameliorates the hand-eye coordination and keeps the brain active; it also lessens the possibility of bungling. As it is a very active form of dancing, it has several health benefits, and it is a very fun form of physical training, being a sociable sport accompanied by good music. Shuffle dance helps in reducing the stress as it causes the release of endorphins the hormone involved in the reduction of pain in our body and activator of pleasure effects. It helps in preventing mood swings and it gives you the feeling of satisfaction and achievement!
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