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The exotic makes us dream. Have you heard of Music Arabia? It's an emerging hub that celebrates music from across the Middle East and North Africa. From web-based platforms and streaming services, to traditional radio stations and live gig venues, Music Arabia is committed to delivering energy and richness of songs of all types.

Discover the Exotic Musical World of Arabia
Music has the power to transport us to different places and times, and there's something beautifully exotic and intriguing about music from the Middle East and North Africa. You might have heard of belly dancing rhythms or catchy pop tunes, but have you explored the diverse and vibrant musical world of Arabia? In this article, we'll take you on a journey across the nations and genres that make up Music Arabia, and show you why it's worth exploring.
Arabia is a region that spans from Morocco to the United Arab Emirates, and its music reflects the rich cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity of its people. While Arabic is the common language, you can find songs in Berber, Amazigh, Kurdish, Hebrew, and other local dialects. The music of Arabia is a blend of ancient traditional styles that have been passed down for centuries, as well as modern influences from jazz, rock, reggae, and hip hop.
One of the most famous genres of Arabia music is Qawwali, a devotional Sufi music that originated in Pakistan and India but has spread across the Muslim world. Qawwali songs are passionate and emotional, with powerful vocals and hypnotic rhythms that build up to ecstatic climaxes. Another prominent style is Raï, a lively and rebellious music from Algeria that was popularized by artists like Cheb Khaled and Rachid Taha. Raï blends traditional Arabic music with Western instruments and rhythms, and its lyrics often express social and political criticism.
If you're looking for something more traditional and meditative, you can explore the world of Arabic oud and qanun music. The oud is a lute-like instrument that has been used in Arabia for more than a thousand years, and its gentle and intricate melodies evoke a sense of nostalgia and contemplation. The qanun is a zither-like instrument that is similar to the harp, and is often played alongside the oud in Arabic ensembles. Its sound is delicate and ethereal, creating an atmosphere of spiritual transcendence.
Of course, there's also plenty of contemporary pop and rock music coming out of Arabia. Lebanese artists like Fairuz, Nancy Ajram, and Elissa have gained a huge following across the Arab world with their catchy and melodramatic songs. In recent years, a new wave of Arabic electronic music has emerged, blending traditional rhythms and instruments with slick beats and production. Artists like Acid Arab, Omar Souleyman, and Hello Psychaleppo are pushing the boundaries of what Arabic music can sound like, and attracting fans from all over the world.
Music Arabia is a vast and diverse world that's waiting to be discovered. Whether you're attracted to traditional folk styles, spiritual and meditative sounds, or contemporary pop and electronic beats, there's something for everyone here. The exotic and mystical flavor of Arabia music might be unfamiliar to your ears at first, but once you start exploring it, you'll find yourself dreaming of faraway lands and fascinating cultures. So, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and let the music of Arabia take you on a journey of discovery and wonder.
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