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Lauren Shera

Lauren Shera has become a stand-out artist for songwriters everywhere. With her unique route towards musical history, she has graced us with some of the best songs and albums. From bluesy ballads to raucous pop tunes, her music collection is wildly varied yet eerily cohesive. Even more striking is the wealth of emotion and truth it conveys across various listening experiences. Through her artistry, we hear real stories that many of us can relate to on personal levels. She's even played a crucial role in inspiring others day's era of singer/songwriters. Thanks to Lauren Shera’s soundtracks, you likely came away with feeling empowered or moved as sonics swirl around you – now that crafting an atmosphere of this kind takes talent.
Lauren Shera: An Artist and Her Musical Journey
Lauren Shera is one of those artists whose music speaks for itself. Her easy-going, yet powerful voice seamlessly blends with the beautiful melodies to create a unique sound that touches the soul. Today, we will delve into Lauren's musical biography, the genres she sings, her best songs, some of her famous concerts, and a critic's view of her. So, buckle up and get ready for a musical journey that will make your heart sing!
Lauren Shera's love for music started at an early age. She began playing the guitar at age twelve and at sixteen, she was already singing in gigs. Her journey took a big turn when she started working at a restaurant in the Bay Area, where she met Ryan Adams, a renowned singer-songwriter, who became her producer. Adams discovered Lauren’s talent and helped her record her first album, Once I was a bird, released in 2009. The album is a combination of folk and rock, revealing Lauren's heart-rending voice and soulful guitar.
Shera is known for her kind-hearted nature and how impeccably it counts on the stage. Her music genre mainly revolves around Folk, Americana, and Indie. Her acoustic guitar riffs and the stories of love, hope, and healing are what make Shera a unique artist having a mass appeal. One of her famous concerts was in 2014 at The Fillmore – San Francisco, where she shared the stage with Ryan Adams, earning her much acclaim.
Light and Dust, Shera’s favorite album, has some gems that are difficult to ignore. The title track speaks to the nothingness of one's existence and the longing for something more. Other notable songs include The Panic Bell, Go To Sleep, and Bright As You Are. Shera sings with raw emotion, and her powerful voice has the ability to captivate anyone with her tunes.
A renowned music critic praised her album Gold and Rust for its cohesion, which is an underappreciated quality in modern music. The album tells a story, and each song serves a cog in the storytelling machine. The album encompasses 10 breathtaking tracks, each of which has the local flavor of the region, and the Midwest Indie culture can be said to be the significant influence.
Lauren Shera's music is soulful, evocative, and relatable. Her beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics are proof of an artist who has poured her whole soul into her music. With her acoustic guitar riffs and sweet-sounding vocals, Shera's music cuts through like a knife and touches the listener's heart. Her work has won many accolades not only from music critics but also from the fans. Shera still has a way to go, and we can only wait and listen to what more she has to bring to our ears!


1 - Hell's Bells
2 - Once I Was A Bird
3 - Endless Sea
4 - The Crashing Sea
5 - Storyteller
6 - Tether
7 - The Panic Bell
8 - Bright As You Are
9 - Blood Lust
10 - In My Bones
11 - Another Season
12 - In The Darkness
13 - Red Paint
14 - Stepheny And Agbar
15 - Hell's Bells
16 - Light And Dust
17 - Stealth