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Iris DeMent

Iris DeMent - A Force to Be Reckoned With in the World of Music
The world of music is filled with talented artists who continue to captivate their listeners with their unique sounds and styles. One such artist who has managed to establish a strong foothold in the industry is Iris DeMent. With her soulful voice and emotive lyrics, Iris has become a household name, known for her captivating performances, and profound songwriting skills. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the musical biography of Iris DeMent, explore her best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic.
Iris DeMent was born on January 5, 1961, in Paragould, Arkansas, and grew up in California. Despite coming from a musical family, Iris did not discover her passion for music until her teenage years. In 1992, she released her first album 'Infamous Angel,' which gained critical acclaim and introduced her to the world as a promising new artist. Iris's music is often described as a blend of country, folk, and gospel music that transports her listeners to another world.
Iris DeMent's best songs include 'Let the Mystery Be,' 'Our Town,' and 'Wasteland of the Free.' 'Let the Mystery Be' is a fan favorite and has been covered by various artists throughout the years. The song's essence lies in its simple message that life is a mystery, and we should enjoy it instead of worrying about tomorrow. 'Our Town,' another one of her popular songs, is a heartfelt ode to small-town life and its simplicity. 'Wasteland of the Free,' released in 1996, reflects the political and social climate of the time and criticizes the ills of capitalism and inequality.
Iris DeMent's music genre can be best described as a blend of traditional country, folk, and gospel music. Although she may not be associated with any particular genre of music, Iris's music is appreciated for its raw emotion and honesty. Her music is often nostalgic and nostalgic, which is why it resonates with people from all walks of life.
Iris DeMent is known for delivering heartfelt performances that leave a lasting impact on her listeners. One of her most famous concerts was held in Columbia, Missouri, in 2014, as part of the Roots 'n Blues 'n BBQ festival. She captivated the audience with her soulful voice and enchanting lyrics, leaving them asking for more.
In a 2015 review by Rolling Stone Magazine, Iris DeMent was described as 'one of the most authentic voices in American music.' Her music explores the complexities of human emotions and experiences, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. Iris's music has inspired countless artists of various genres, making her a beloved figure in the music industry.
In conclusion, Iris DeMent is a musical icon who has managed to capture the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Her music is a testament to her profound songwriting skills and soulful voice, making her a formidable force in the world of music. Through her music, Iris has connected with her listeners on a deep level, leaving a lasting impression that has inspired countless artists of various genres. We can only hope that Iris DeMent continues to share her craft with the world and inspires generations to come.


Next Festival
Mass MoCA
Springfield, US
1 - Our Town
2 - Let The Mystery Be
3 - You've Done Nothing Wrong
4 - The Shores Of Jordan
5 - Childhood Memories
6 - No Time To Cry
7 - Hotter Than Mojave In My Heart
8 - My Life
9 - Calling For You
10 - Infamous Angel
11 - When Love Was Young
12 - These Hills
13 - Troublesome Waters
14 - Go On Ahead And Go Home
15 - Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day
16 - Mama's Opry
17 - After You're Gone
18 - Sweet Forgiveness
19 - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
20 - The Night I Learned How Not To Pray
21 - The Kingdom Has Already Come
22 - Fill My Way With Love
23 - He Reached Down
24 - Sing The Delta
25 - Wasteland Of The Free
26 - Hide Thou Me
27 - I Never Shall Forget The Day
28 - God Walks The Dark Hills
29 - Makin' My Way Back Home
30 - That Glad Reunion Day
31 - Mama Was Always Tellin' Her Truth
32 - Out Of The Fire
33 - Whispering Pines
34 - There's A Whole Lotta Heaven
35 - Livin' On The Inside
36 - Sweet Hour Of Prayer
37 - I Don't Want To Get Adjusted (to This World)
38 - If That Ain't Love
39 - Blessed Assurance
40 - When My Morning Comes Around
41 - I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart
42 - Mom & Dad's Waltz
43 - Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day
44 - Mama's Opry
45 - Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
46 - Before The Colors Fade
47 - You've Done Nothing Wrong
48 - Sweet Is The Melody
2004: Lifeline
1994: My Life


Mass MoCA
Springfield, US
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