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The very best of dub

A selection of the best dub artists. Welcome to the very best of dub! We've hand selected a selection of the greatest dub artists around. From maximalists on the one extreme to minimalists on the other, these musical masterminds represent their genre in the best possible way. If you're into break beats and haunting grooves, these talented people won't disappoint. Connoisseurs of both moody underground sonics and Jazz-weighted experimentalism will feel at home here too. Whether it be post punk dark wave or driving music for industrial spaces, this eclectic set of talent does not disappoint. So dig in and discover your new favorite sound from our very best selection of dub!

Exploring the Best of Dub Music - History, Genre, Songs and Artists
Dub music is a genre that has been captivating us for decades. It emerged in Jamaica in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and has since then evolved into various sub-genres. Dub is all about experimentation, with artists exploring creative ways to manipulate and transform reggae tracks into something truly unique. This music style is known for its deep grooves, heavy basslines, and echoing effects. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the history and characteristics of dub music, examples of some of the best songs, and the most influential dub artists of all time.
Dub music's roots can be traced back to the early days of reggae production in Jamaica. The music style emerged from the sound system culture of Kingston, where DJs would play instrumental versions of popular reggae tracks, accompanied by a toast or rhythmic poetry. This form of music eventually evolved into dub, which was characterized by sparser instrumentation, surreal sound effects, and greater emphasis on the rhythm section. Most early dub recordings were produced by King Tubby, who is widely considered the godfather of dub music. His techniques and innovations helped to shape the sound of dub and gave birth to a whole new music style.
When it comes to dub music, the genre is all about experimentation. Dub artists are constantly looking for new ways to manipulate the sound of a track. Some of the most common techniques used in dub include delay, echo, reverb, and phasing. Dub music is also known for its use of heavy basslines, which add depth and dimension to the sound. Other key characteristics of dub include the use of sparse instrumentation, extended intros, and sound effects such as sirens and horns.
Dub has given rise to several sub-genres over the years. Some of the most notable ones include dubstep, a genre with a slower tempo and heavier basslines than traditional dub. Another sub-genre is dub techno, which combines the deep grooves of dub with the minimalism of techno. There's also ambient dub, which creates a relaxing, atmospheric soundscape with the use of dub techniques.
No discussion of dub would be complete without mentioning some of the greatest songs in the genre. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown by Augustus Pablo is one of the most iconic dub songs of all time. Police & Thieves by Junior Murvin is another classic track that blends dub and reggae. Sleng Teng by Wayne Smith is considered the first digital reggae track and has had a huge influence on the development of dubstep.
A selection of the best dub artists includes King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Augustus Pablo, Scientist, and Mad Professor. These artists have all left a significant impact on the genre, experimenting with sound and developing new ways of approaching dub music. King Tubby is widely considered to be the king of dub, while Mad Professor is known for his use of cutting-edge technology and production techniques.
Dub music is a genre that has brought us some of the most innovative and creative music of all time. From its roots in Jamaica to its evolution into various sub-genres, dub has continued to inspire musicians and listeners alike. We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about the history and characteristics of dub music, some examples of its greatest songs, and a selection of the best dub artists. Whether you're a long time fan or new to the genre, there's always something new and exciting to discover in the world of dub music.