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Are you a fan of international music? If yes, then you must have come across the Italian music sensation, Ghali. Born in Milan to Tunisian parents, Ghali is one of the most renowned music artists in Italy. His music resonates with fans across the globe, not jus because of his unique style, but also due to his distinct ability to fuse different musical genres. If you're curious to know more about this talented artist, read on!
Ghali was born in Milian in 1993, he grew up in Barona district and got into music as a teenager, leveraging his foreign heritage to blend rap with North African influences and Italian style. In 2011, Ghali posted his first video on Youtube, and by 2015 he was signed to a record label, which finally helped him release his first album, Album, in 2017. To date, he has released three albums and numerous singles.
Music Genre:
Ghali's unique talent lies in his ability to fuse together different music genres like rap, trap, reggae, dancehall, and more. His music speaks not just to local Italians but to international music listeners, which is why he has such a massive fan following.
Best Songs:
Ghali has several hit songs that have resonated with millions of fans. Some of his best songs include; his debut single Ninna Nanna, Happy Day, I Love You, and his most recent single, Marijuana. These songs are a testament to the artist's unique style and his ability to blend different music genres together seamlessly.
Famous Concerts:
Famous Concerts:
Ghali has performed in several major events, including the Sanremo Music Festival, the MTV Europe Music Awards, and even opened for Drake at an exclusive concert in Paris. The artist's live performances are known for their energy and excitement, which keeps fans coming back for more.
Ghali has received numerous awards for his music, including two Platinum certifications and a Gold certification, as well as receiving many nominations throughout his career. According to critics, these awards are well deserved, considering his unique ability to blend different music genres and create something exceptional.
Ghali's music is inspiring and renowned for its unique blend of different musical genres. His success is celebrated worldwide, and he continues to impress with every single he releases. Whether you're an Italian or an international music lover, Ghali's work is worth a listen. His rise to success has been nothing short of monumental, and we're excited to see what the future holds for the talented artist.

Ghali: The Musical Biography of an Italian Rapper

If you are not familiar with the name Ghali, then you are missing out on one of the rising Italian rappers. The world of Italian rap music has undergone a significant transformation in the past decade, and Ghali is at the forefront of this change. With his unique sound and style, Ghali has rapidly become one of the most prominent artists of the genre. From his beginnings to his most famous tracks and albums, this article will tell the story of Ghali, the rising talent that is taking the Italian music scene by storm.

Ghali Amdouni, or better known by his stage name Ghali, was born on May 21st, 1993, in a suburb of Milan. His mother was Tunisian while his dad was partially Tunisian and partially Italian. Early on, Ghali displayed an innate passion for music, inspired by his upbringing in a multicultural environment. In 2011, at the age of 18, Ghali started writing his lyrics and releasing music, starting his path in the Italian music scene as a rapper. His breakthrough track came in 2015 when his single Maryjane took over the Italian Rap Charts and held its place in the top for months.

Ghali's flagship album, Album 1, was released in 2017, and it cemented his position as one of the most influential Italian rappers of today. The album that comprised 20 tracks, showcased the artist's versatility, ranging from songs in Arabic, French to Italian. The album was a hit among fans and critics, and it earned him the accolade of Best New Artist at the prestigious Italian TRL Awards in 2018. His second album DNA showed off Ghali's roots and foreign influences, putting Arab music at the forefront, and was also a huge success, constantly playing on radios throughout Italy.

Ghali's most popular track to date is Cara Italia, released in 2019. The song, which mixes Arabian sounds with a trap-style delivery, quickly became a viral sensation. Cara Italia conquered Italy, and it seemed to have an everlasting life on the airwaves. The video of the song has over’3 million views on YouTube and counting.

Ghali musical style and influences are an unusual mixture of his Arab roots and his upbringing in Milan. His unique style has drawn the attention of international audiences who appreciate his unconventional sound. Ghali often samples traditional North African or Middle Eastern music with modern beats, to create a style that pleases both younger fans and lovers of Arab music. His songs spark enthusiasm among fans and have become the perfect party anthems with their catchy lyrics and mesmerizing beats.

Ghali's talent has been recognized across Italy, and he is now a household name in the country's rap scene. His unique mix of Italian and Arab influences have helped him stand out and build a dedicated and passionate fan base. This young artist is undoubtedly one of the most successful Italian musicians of the moment, and he shows no sign of stopping. His music is getting more and more international, and he is rapidly attracting fans from all over the world. If you haven’t listened to Ghali yet, you need to dive deep into his music and let it transport you on a journey that you will never forget.
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1 - Marijuana
2 - Wily Wily
3 - Cazzo Mene
4 - Dende
5 - Sempre Me
6 - Vida (prod. Charlie Charles)
7 - Lacrime (prod. Charlie Charles)
8 - Ricchi Dentro (prod. Charlie Charles)
9 - Ninna Nanna (prod. Charlie Charles)
10 - Happy Days (prod. Charlie Charles)
11 - Habibi (prod. Charlie Charles)
12 - Libertè (prod. Charlie Charles)
13 - Cara Italia (prod. Charlie Charles)
14 - Oggi No (prod. Charlie Charles)
15 - Boulevard (prod. Charlie Charles)
16 - E Poi C'è Cattelan
17 - Zingarello
18 - Good Times
19 - Boogieman (feat. Salmo)
20 - I Love You
21 - Marymango (feat. Tha Supreme)
22 - Cacao (feat. Pyrex)
23 - Flashback
24 - Turbococco
25 - Jennifer (feat. Soolking)
26 - 22:22
27 - Dna
28 - Hasta La Vista
29 - Milf (feat. Taxi B)
30 - Fast Food
31 - Come Milano
32 - Ora D'aria
33 - Combo (feat. Mr Eazi)
34 - Cuore A Destra
35 - Scooby
36 - Fallito
37 - Vai Tra
38 - Non Lo So
39 - Pare (feat. Madame)
40 - Fortuna
41 - Dimmi La Verità
42 - Peccati
43 - Machiavelli (feat. Simba La Rue)
44 - Senza Pietà
45 - Sto
46 - Ora D'aria
47 - Casa Mia (official Video - Sanremo 2024)