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Fred De Palma: The Unique Voice That Took the Music World by Storm
Music has a way of catching on like wildfire, and the artist Fred De Palma is one such person who took the music industry by storm with his unique voice and eclectic mix of genres. Despite starting his music career in 2010, it is the past few years that have seen Fred De Palma's popularity soar. His music has caught the attention of people across the globe, with his fans demanding more of his music. In this blog post, we will be discussing Fred De Palma’s musical biography, highlighting his best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic’s review.
Fred De Palma was born on November 15, 1989, in Turin, Italy. His real name is Federico Palana, but he adopted the moniker Fred De Palma, becoming a household name in the Italian music scene. His journey in music started in 2010 when he released a mixtape titled Soddisfazione while he was still in high school. Fred De Palma’s music started gaining traction in 2019 when his single D’Estate Non Vale featuring Ana Mena peaked at the top of the Italian charts.
Fred De Palma’s music genre is a unique blend of rap, trap, and contemporary R&B. The genre mix has given him a distinctive sound in Italy and beyond. Fred De Palma's music earned him collaborations with some of the best in Italy's music scene, including Ghali, Emis Killa, Shablo, and Sfera Ebbasta. Some of Fred De Palma’s best songs include Paloma, Adios, Una volta ancora, and Se iluminaba featuring Ana Guerra.
Fred De Palma is famous for his energetic performances and showmanship. He has had the chance to perform at some of the most prominent stages in Italy and around Europe. In 2019, he performed in Milan at the open-air festival, Piazza del Duomo, one of the biggest events in the Italian music scene. Similarly, Fred De Palma has performed at the MTV EMA pre-show in Budapest, Hungary, and alongside Italian superstar Eros Ramazzotti.
A critic’s review on Fred De Palma’s music states, He’s the new wave of rap music - more in touch with his emotional side, backed up by rock song arrangements, and watched by a great number of fans worldwide. His unique blend of music genres sets him apart from his contemporaries, and his music is loved by people across the generations.
Fred De Palma has taken the music world by storm, and he continues to do so with his eclectic mix of genres and his unique voice. From his humble beginnings beginning, he has risen to become a household name in the Italian music scene. His energetic performances, collaborations, and hits like Paloma and Se iluminaba have firmly placed him among Italy's best musicians. Fred De Palma's future in music looks bright, and it’s no surprise considering his distinct sound and captivating personality.
1 - Pressingirl
2 - Non Ero Io
3 - Para All Night
4 - Intro
5 - Spariro
6 - Fred Tube
7 - Tacchi E Bugie
8 - Carillon
9 - Fino Alle 6
10 - Ma Cosa Dici?!
11 - Stanza 365
12 - Adios
13 - Buenos Dias
14 - Il Cielo Guarda Te
15 - Sincera
16 - Dio Benedica Il Reggaeton (feat. Baby K)
17 - Una Volta Ancora (feat. Ana Mena)
18 - Paloma (feat. Anitta)
19 - Se Iluminaba
20 - D'estate Non Vale (feat. Ana Mena)
21 - Il Tuo Profumo
22 - Serenata Trap
23 - Como Llora - Italian Remix
24 - Mano X Mano
25 - Ti Raggiungerò
26 - Romance
27 - Mala (feat. Lazza, Tony Effe)
28 - Niente Di Te
29 - Un Altro Ballo (feat. Anitta)
30 - Extasi
31 - Melodia Criminal
32 - Mi Fa Male
33 - Lit Killah - Extasi
34 - Adrenalina
35 - Il Cielo Non Ci Vuole (official Video - Sanremo 2024)
2021: Unico
2019: Uebe
2015: Boyfred