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The very best of screamo

A selection of the best screamo artists. For those looking to get into the world of screamo music, there is an abundance of incredible talent to explore. From throwback classics to contemporary powerhouses, this genre of hard rock has dominated our listening habits for years. Artists like Hawthorne Heights and Silverstein equipped us with heartstrings to pull on all night long and engage us in thrilling, visceral riffs. Further is This ProvidenceÕs captivating angst that turn tracks both intense and ethereal -- allowing listeners catchly choruses and adrenaline fueled guitar solos alike. Every Day I Die is a pulsing bundle of aggression that steadily builds extreme energy unlike anything else youÕve experienced before. Our picks from posthardcore and metalcore are consolidated here for your auditory concept quests. Take a dive deep into screamed vocals, growled verses, rap interludes, advanced rhythms, empowering melodies Ð as The Very Best Of Screamo gives you a selection of Artic Monkeys pyrotechnics at the door step of your own front yard!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Touché Amoré - Just Exist
2-Touché Amoré - Pathfinder
3-Indian Summer - Millimeter
4-Indian Summer - Sugar Pill
5-Indian Summer - Aren't You An Angel