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Whitehorse is a musical project from Toronto, Canada, featuring vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Luke Doucet and drummer Melanie Campbell. Despite having only established their collective presence in 2003, they've since built an impressive body of work comprised of fan favourites such as 36 Horses, Devil’s Got a Gun, and Sweet Trash. They take pride in crafting music with diverse and creative songwriting mantras reflective in their five studio albums. Their own folk-alternative Southern rock hybrid garnered immense radio play as stations across The United States couldn't help but share the band's classic piercing three part harmonies and lilting instrumentals with eager listeners who had been quickly caught up in the joyride that came along with listening to Whitehorse albums.
The Musical Biography of Whitehorse: A Journey Through Their Best Songs and Concerts
If you are looking for an exceptional Canadian duo to add to your music playlist, then look no further than the talented group, Whitehorse. The duo, consisting of Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet, has gained quite the reputation in the industry for their stunning harmonies and innovative musical arrangements. Join me today as we delve into their musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and even a little critic.
Whitehorse's musical journey began in 2010 when the musical duo collaborated on a project for the first time. With their uncanny chemistry both on and offstage, they ultimately decided to form a band. Together, they released their debut self-titled album, which received critical acclaim. Their music genre is a melange of musical genres, including blues, rock, country, and indie folk rock. They have often been labeled as neo-folk, a modern interpretation of traditional folk music.
Now, if we talk about their best songs, choosing just a few is no easy feat. However, if there's one song that gave Whitehorse its due recognition, it has to be Achilles' Desire. The song's stunning guitar riffs, coupled with McClelland and Doucet's harmonies, creates an ethereal musical journey. Sweet Disaster is another favorite for fans, with the duo's harmonies reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel. For those who love a good guitar riff, look no further than Devil's Got a Gun, a track that features a bluesy guitar introduction with a gritty edge.
Throughout their career, Whitehorse has left music lovers spellbound with their live concerts. One of their most notable performances undoubtedly has to be in Quebec City in 2015, where they performed in an ancient chapel. With the natural echo available in the cathedral, their songs assumed a new identity that captivated the audience. Other notable performances include their set at the Ottawa Bluesfest in 2014 and their performance at the famous Massey Hall in Toronto.
Now, let's talk about the critics. Whitehorse has been praised by notable critics for their innovative approach to music. The Toronto Star praised them for their sleek, modern noir sound that's one part Ennio Morricone, one part White Stripes, while the Chicago Tribune noted that their music tackles the dirty side of love, then cleanses it with an arena-worthy chorus.
Whitehorse's unique blend of musical genres, soulful harmonies, and raw instrumentation has cemented their place in the Canadian music industry. Their beautiful music pays homage to traditional folk and blues music, but they are not afraid to break musical boundaries. They have won the hearts of many fans, both domestically and internationally. If you're looking for a fresh new sound to add to your music playlist, Whitehorse is the group to watch out for in music today.
1 - Time Worn Regression
2 - I'm On Fire
3 - Achilles' Desire
4 - Peterbilt Coalmine
5 - Cold July
6 - Downtown
7 - Broken
8 - Jane
9 - Wisconsin
10 - Winterlong
11 - Sixteen
12 - Untitled
13 - My Babe
14 - Sweet Disaster
15 - Devil's Got A Gun
16 - Nighthawks
17 - Out Like A Lion
18 - Emerald Isle
19 - Killing Time Is Murder
20 - Achilles' Desire
21 - Mismatched Eyes (boat Song)
22 - Tame As The Wild Ones
23 - Boys Like You
24 - No Glamour In The Hammer
25 - Passenger 24
26 - Eulogy For Whiskers, I
27 - Night Owls
28 - Radiator Blues
29 - You Get Older
30 - Fire To Light The Way
31 - Dear Irony
32 - Annie Lu
33 - Everything Ablaze
34 - Mexico Texaco
35 - Mechanical Disintegration