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A brutal force, a shocking metal, in the video of Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel there’s people cutting themselves and snorting cocaine, a back to the origins for those who love Scandinavian death metal and drones, the music that suddenly appears from mist and pine forests. Shining, the world is changing, you are shivering now.

Exploring the Musical Biography of Shining: From Beginnings to Stardom

In the world of music, there are certain artists who continuously break the norm and bring about a new wave of sound. Shining is one such artist who has established himself in the industry with his unique style and memorable songs. He has created a huge impact on the music scene, and today, we'll be diving into his musical biography from his beginnings to stardom.

Shining was born in Sweden in 1979 and started his musical journey at the age of ten. He was interested in music from a very young age, and he started playing saxophone and clarinet. Later, he moved on to other instruments such as the piano and guitar. He formed his first band when he was just fifteen, and his love for music continued to grow.

Shining's musical style is often described as avant-garde metal with jazz and progressive rock influences. His approach to music is unique, and he has been praised for his innovative sound. Shining's music is not for everyone, but for those who appreciate experimentation and new sounds, his music is a true masterpiece.

One of Shining's most famous albums, Blackjazz, was released in 2010. The album was a huge success, and it propelled him to stardom. The album is a fusion of metal, jazz, and electronic music, and it challenged the conventions of metal music. It went on to receive critical acclaim and was hailed as a masterpiece in the genre.

Shining's most famous song, The Madness and the Damage Done, is a popular track from the band's 2013 album One One One. The song features a massive chorus and a hypnotic rhythm that captures the listener's attention. The lyrics are thought-provoking and touch on the themes of anxiety and depression. It is a perfect representation of Shining's unique sound.

Shining's musical influences range from jazz legends like John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk to electronic acts like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. He combines these influences with his metal roots to create a sound that is truly unique. Shining's music is not just a blend of different genres; it is a representation of his personality and his musical journey.

Shining has always been known for his live performances. He has played all over the world, and his shows are often described as intense and exhilarating. Shining's live performances are a perfect representation of his music; they challenge the audience's expectations and create a unique experience for everyone.

In conclusion, Shining is an artist whose music is a blend of metal, jazz, and electronic music. He has been a part of the music scene for years and has challenged the conventions of metal music. His music is not for everyone, but for those who appreciate experimentation and new sounds, Shining's music is a true masterpiece. His most famous album, Blackjazz, and his most famous song, The Madness and the Damage Done, are perfect examples of his unique sound. Shining's live performances are also a must-see; they are intense and exhilarating and a perfect representation of his music.
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1 - Åttiosextusenfyrahundra
2 - Längtar Bort Från Mitt Hjärta
3 - Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni
4 - Neka Morgondagen
5 - Fisheye
6 - Vemodets Arkitektur
7 - The Madness And The Damage Done
8 - Eradication Of The Condition
9 - Ett Liv Utan Mening
10 - Healter Skelter
11 - Svart Industriell Olycka
12 - Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel
13 - Vilseledda Barnasjälars Hemvist
14 - Reflecting In Solitude
15 - Blackjazz Deathtrance
16 - Plågoande O'helga Plågoande
17 - 21st Century Schizoid Man
18 - Claws Of Perdition
19 - Stonelands
20 - Fullständigt Jävla Död Inuti
21 - Fields Of Faceless
22 - Exit Sun
23 - Krossade Drömmar Och Brutna Löften
24 - Ohm (sommar Med Siv)
25 - Vita Detestabilis
26 - Omen
27 - Att Med Kniv Göra Sig Illa
28 - Till Minne Av Daghen
29 - Inisis
30 - Han Som Hatar Människan
31 - I Nattens Timma
32 - The Eerie Cold (samvetskvalens Ballad)
33 - Goretex Weather Report
34 - Människa O'avskyvärda Människa
35 - Någonting Är Jävligt Fel
36 - Fff
37 - Du, Mitt Konstverk
38 - In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster
39 - Mörda Dig Själv...
40 - The Ghastly Silence
41 - For The God Below
42 - Through Corridors Of Oppression
43 - Tillsammans är Vi Allt
44 - Människa O'avskyvärda Människa
45 - I Won't Forget
46 - Total Utfrysning
47 - Animal
48 - Submit To Self-destruction
49 - Yttligare Ett Steg Närmare Total Jävla Utfrysning
50 - Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra