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Brutality is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida. They formed in 1986 and soon after released their first demo entitled Abomination.
Brutality, A Musical Journey Through Time
Brutality, the American death metal band, known for its unrelenting, heavy music, and unapologetic lyrics. Brutality has been a keystone in the death metal scene since the late '80s. It's remarkable that Brutality is rarely mentioned today. Still, we can't underestimate this band's contribution to death metal's history. In this article, we'll take a journey through Brutality's musical biography, their genre-defining tracks, and some of their most famous concerts. Stay with us, and discover Brutality's contributions to the world of heavy music.
Brutality's Biography
Brutality formed in 1986 in Tampa, Florida. It consists of Scott Reigel (vocals), Jay Fernandez (guitars), Don Gates (guitars), Jeff Acres (bass), and Jim Coker (drums). In 1993, they released their first album, Screams of Anguish, on Nuclear Blast Records. Brutality's music was seen as the response to Metallica's Black Album and Nirvana's Nevermind. This debut album gave birth to classics such as Screams of Anguish, These Walls Shall Be Your Grave, and Cryptorium. Their second album, When the Sky Turns Black, was just as heavy, and the third album, In Mourning, continued the trend, with a more progressive approach.
Brutality's Music Genre:
Brutality's genre is death metal, with influences ranging from thrash metal and progressive metal. Death Metal goes beyond merely being a music genre; it's a subculture. It's characterized by aggressive guitar riffs, growling vocals, and lyrics often associated with violence. Brutality's approach to death metal was different from their contemporaries. They embraced a more intricate guitar lead and drumming whilst retaining the aggression and heaviness commonly associated with Death Metal.
Brutality's Best Songs:
1. These Walls Shall Be Your Grave: a classic death metal track that showcases Brutality's aggression and heaviness.
2. Spawned Illusion: an intricate guitar lead and a progressive drumming approach characterize this track.
3. Cryptorium: this track has an unforgettable melodic section that showcases the range of Brutality's genre-bending skills.
Brutality's Famous Concerts:
Brutality's notable concerts include their appearance at the Milwaukee Metal Fest with Napalm Death and other big names. They also opened for legends such as Slayer, Voivod, and Deicide. Brutality's concerts were known for their intense energy and chemistry amongst the band members.
A Critic of Brutality:
A Critic of Brutality:
Brutality was consistent in delivering heavy, intricate, and excellent music, yet they never quite achieved the level of success of other contemporaries such as Morbid Angel and Obituary. The music genre they were part of was niche, and even though they had excellent musical skills and lyrical themes that resonated with the audience, they still found it hard to break into the mainstream. However, Brutality left a lasting impact on the death metal genre, and they're remembered as one of the best death metal bands of the '90s.
Brutality's contribution to the death metal scene cannot be overlooked. They created music that was intricate, heavy, and experimental, in an era when death metal was still evolving into a unique subgenre. They never attained mainstream success, but their music remains cherished in the hearts of true metalheads. It's noteworthy to appreciate the bands that came before the big names and influenced the genre's sound. Thanks for taking this musical journey with us through Brutality's career.
1 - Sadistic
2 - These Walls Shall Be Your Grave
3 - Septicemic Plague
4 - Cryptorium
5 - Sympathy
6 - Crushed
7 - Exposed To The Elements
8 - Cries Of The Forsaken
9 - Spirit World
10 - Spawned Illusion
11 - Illusions
12 - Trapped Doors Moving Walls
13 - Reprisal
14 - Lost and Alone
15 - Early Grave
16 - Ceremonial Unearthing
17 - Race Defects
18 - When The Sky Turns Black
19 - Shrine Of The Master
20 - Awakening
21 - Screams Of Anguish
22 - Electric Funeral
23 - Artistic Butchery
24 - Foul Lair
25 - Violent Generation
26 - Esoteric
27 - Obsessed
28 - Destroyed By Society
29 - The Past
30 - Waiting To Be Devoured
31 - Died With Open Eyes
32 - In Mourning
33 - Calculated Bloodshed
34 - Subjected To Torture
35 - Extinction
36 - Sea Of Ignorance
37 - Tribute
38 - 48 To 52
39 - Perpetual Resolution
40 - Certain Annihilation
41 - Irreversibly Broken
42 - Ruins Of Humans
43 - Hell On Earth
44 - My First Night
45 - Mausoleum Of Infringing Evil
46 - Hideous Mutations
47 - Lust For Sex