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Morbid Angel

Morbid Angel is an American death metal band based in Tampa, Florida formed in 1983 by guitarist, primary composer and sole remaining original member Trey Azagthoth, vocalist and bassist Dallas Ward, and drummer Mike Browning. Widely considered as one of the most influential bands in the genre and important in the transition of death metal from its thrash metal roots, they were one of the first bands to incorporate guttural vocals, up-tempo blast beats, multiple tempo changes and dark atmosphere.
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2011: ''Illud Divinum Insanus'' listen full album
2003: ''Heretic'' listen full album
2000: ''Gateways to Annihilation'' listen full album
1998: ''Formulas Fatal to the Flesh'' listen full album
1995: ''Domination'' listen full album
1993: ''Covenant'' listen full album
1991: ''Abominations of Desolation'' listen full album
1991: ''Blessed Are the Sick'' listen full album
1989: ''Altars of Madness'' listen full album