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A hostile presence follows us, the further we go the closer it gets. Music can be just as powerful of a dreamscape as you can find while sleeping. It obscures realities and peers into unimaginable worlds, ones held aloft in sound. We can toss ourselves into realms that otherwise have no comprehension—no shape nor form congregating so soundly in the intangible or eternal. That sort of power is encapsulated most accurately within nightmares, where unknown forces blend with subconscious turmoil in startling clarity—where reverberations ignore the boundaries of logic and physics to control our aspirations. Music nightmares can bring similarly unfathomable chaos, awakening vibrations that urge us on towards precipices we never knew appeared within the night’s sky. Horizons are remodelled by their strains, always blotting out what was once known for that is never anything at all lest than undiscovered soundscapes borne from musical dreams gone a bit too terrible. In these moments we dive int
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