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The very best of progressive metal

A selection of the best progressive metal artists. If you're looking to expand your metal collection, progressive metal just might be the way to go. The genre mixes elements of symphonic rock, prog folk and various forms of metal music such as thrash, death and black. It produces an interesting blend of sound that awakens the ambience of true musicianship. By searching through a selection of the best progressive metal artists, youÕll be able to experience aural excellence unlike any other. Whether itÕs Swedish progressive Metallist Khonsu or American post 2000 industrial sludgers Oceano, uncovering hidden talents remains at its core. From southern Californian dark melodists scaling heights as ToolÕs Lateralus all the way up north to Scotland where Cybernetic Witch Cult zealously serenade fans with over 70 minutes of unique audio delight from within their record Album Of Man. Australian native bands Ne Obliviscaris, Voyager and Caligula's Horse ensure no footholds are uncrossed by sounds brilliant yet fragile in perfect measure. Unlock sonic surprises with bands whose effort is devoted solely to walking the airwaves beyond generic orientation found in regular vein run music, witness interstellar heads rocking furiously between genres and not at all disaffected hearers absorbing every single vibration Ð Yes! That is what gleaning ultra bud sonic prowess attained only when testing out diverse samples made by scene conquerors appearing ever so subtly among stagnancy in small volumes looks and feels like Ð As if mastery was easily conveyed through rhythmic guidance fueled utterly by environmental acoustic undercurrent emergence
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Between the Buried and Me - Mordecai
2-Between the Buried and Me - The Primer
3-Between the Buried and Me - Laser Speed
4-Buckethead - The Way to Heaven
5-Buckethead - Sanctum