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The secret diary of Twin Peaks

Like in the stories of David Lynch, there is nothing drearier than normality and hidden secrets. Discover what it is that scares us so much and what the crows are hiding. David Lynch is renowned for his visually stunning films, otherwise known as motion pictures of magical realization. But did you know that he has a music career as well? His discography boasts 60 titles including varying styles from folk rock to dreamy melodies. He has even worked in collaboration with the likes of Chrysta Bell to create dynamic soundscapes perfect for any musical collection. Lynch continues to draw inspiration for his music from the surrealisms and imaginative ideals of film and score making. His happy tunes instantly transport your mind to whimsical worlds and transport your spirit through classic performances.
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Twin Peaks

David Lynch and Mark Frost the creators behind the American Television serial drama Twin Peaks, set in the fictional town of Twin Peaks. Kyle Maclachlan played the role of Dale Cooper the FBI Special Agent, uncovering the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer played by Sheryl Lee.

Exploring the seedier life of a small town set in Washington; the darkness of the main characters captivated an audience for 16 series from 1990-1991. The supernatural features and quirky characters, gave way to an underlining humor and surrealism to the plot. The international success of this top-rated TV series, had a large cult following to which the original storyline and music has been referred to within films, songs, and commercials.

Twin Peaks feature film in 1992 "Fire Walk With Me" served as both an epilogue and prequel to the television series. With a cast of famous actors such as Michael Ontkean, Dana Asbrook, Richard Beymer, a remake of the series is set for a come back in 2017, with the original cast from 18 years ago returning.

Composer Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch created the score for the show; the signature theme "Love Theme From Twin Peaks" sets the mood of the whole story line. Cocktail lounge electric piano, finger-snapping, pulsing bass lines was the masculine energy flow throughout the series. David Lynch released the second volume soundtrack, following on from the original soundtrack in 2007. Many of the remaining songs that were scored but never released, were made available to the fans on David Lynch's personal website in March 2011. This was the calling to return to the screen with a dark and exciting comeback of the original series.