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Uh! The pop battle!

To be the king you have to feel powerful, fight back fear, be the center of attention, be the boss, interpret, be a snob, show off, loosen up, show both your masculine and feminine side. Be naked and famous.
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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson called the "King of Pop" was born on August 29th, 1958, renowned and admired as an American singer, record producer, songwriter, actor and dancer. In 1964 Michael Jackson made his professional debut with his elder brothers Marlon, Jermaine, Tito and Jackie as the youngest member of the Jackson 5.

Entering into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on two occasions, inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Dance Hall of fame, Michael Jackson has become the most awarded recording artist with multiple Guinness World Records, Grammy Awards, Lifetime Achievements Awards and Artist of the century.

1971 set Michael Jackson into his solo career breaking away from the Jackson Five, expanding and creating music videos to mirror his song choice with the outstanding and memorable videos like "Beat It", Thriller", and "Billie Jean" which broke the barriers of racial torment within the music industry and help launch MTV television channel. From this moment forward the 1980's were inspired by Michael Jackson and his talent through the use of music to promote and generate a strong fan base, important messages through the creative artistry of film.

With the launch of "Bad" in 1987, Michael Jackson reached the highest recording artist of all times with each song on the album reaching a number one spot on the billboard. Throughout his career, Michael Jackson continued to create, contribute and be recorded in history with the highest ever selling Album "Thriller" reaching over 65 million copies worldwide. Many current artists have based their creations, songwriting and influential foundation for music and film videos, on the early days of Michael Jackson and his desire to communicate powerful messages through his lyrics and music.

Fast food music

As far as I’m concerned, the advances of music are just trash. We started with vinyl, then we got the CD and finally the mp3, volatile music, download it and erase it in four seconds. The vinyl disc was a work of art, it was recorded, it was engraved, it was crafted. Mp3s are invisible and music has lost tangibility. We moved from tracks that will last forever to electronic music formats that last days, hours, seconds. It takes us ten seconds to understand how a song ends, and after this short while, we just trash it. This is the fast food music, the Take That, the One Direction, the Spice Girls. The kids are listening to a kind of music they will regret when they are grownups. Led Zeppelin’s music, on the other hand, will last for centuries, engraved on the vinyl and on our minds, the summer songs will remind us of us a kiss, but some other listeners will just trash these songs with their old rubbish. But watch out, I’m not despising this kind of music: I’m actually praising it, calling out for it, I’m trying to remember it. I don’t want to be like many others, who are already humming the next top of the flops, you ungrateful music apes! “Fast food music” or “trash music”: you listen to it, you hum it, and you flush it down the toilet.
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