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Uh! The pop battle!

To be the king you have to feel powerful, fight back fear, be the center of attention, be the boss, interpret, be a snob, show off, loosen up, show both your masculine and feminine side. Be naked and famous. The beat is pumping, the bass is booming; it's time for an epic battle! The stage is set for rising pop stars to show off their amazing vocals and dance moves in the hunt for conquering the music charts with the best pop songs. Let this spellbinding musical matchup begin! Crowds thrum with cheers as one by one, these mesmerizing performers thrill us with unorthodox rhythms and catchy hooks like never before. Who will nab ultimate crown of Top Pop Artist? One thing we know: at least one hunky A-lister will go down in history joining the ranks of pop icons!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Madonna - Like a Virgin
2-Katy Perry - Firework
3-Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
4-Michael Jackson - Beat It
5-Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Fast food music

As far as I’m concerned, the advances of music are just trash. We started with vinyl, then we got the CD and finally the mp3, volatile music, download it and erase it in four seconds. The vinyl disc was a work of art, it was recorded, it was engraved, it was crafted. Mp3s are invisible and music has lost tangibility. We moved from tracks that will last forever to electronic music formats that last days, hours, seconds. It takes us ten seconds to understand how a song ends, and after this short while, we just trash it. This is the fast food music, the Take That, the One Direction, the Spice Girls. The kids are listening to a kind of music they will regret when they are grownups. Led Zeppelin’s music, on the other hand, will last for centuries, engraved on the vinyl and on our minds, the summer songs will remind us of us a kiss, but some other listeners will just trash these songs with their old rubbish. But watch out, I’m not despising this kind of music: I’m actually praising it, calling out for it, I’m trying to remember it. I don’t want to be like many others, who are already humming the next top of the flops, you ungrateful music apes! “Fast food music” or “trash music”: you listen to it, you hum it, and you flush it down the toilet.
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