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The very best of techno hardcore

A selection of the best techno hardcore artists. Are you a fan of upper energy techno hardcore sounds? If we've got your attention, then you're in luck! A selection of the very best techno hardcore artists are here at your disposal, ready to make any get together a true powerhouse blast. Just imagine the dance floor going crazy to these rhythms and beats coming flying out of the speakers. With some of the most talented producers around you'll be experiencing the adrenalin unlike ever before. Let's set those expectations high and give yourself a break from the mundane. It's time to blast away with world dominating tracks from international sensations that make even die-hard fans wild with anticipation. So step inside, join in on the rave and experience complete euphoria as only ultimate techno hardcore can deliver!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Boards Of Canada - Kaini Industries
2-Boards Of Canada - Bocuma
3-Boards Of Canada - Into the Rainbow Vein
4-Gui Boratto - Atomic Soda
5-Gui Boratto - Xilo