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Have you ever heard of the artist called Wormed? Not only have they made a deep impact on the history of music, but they also happen to have some of the best songs and albums around. Just listening to one song or album will show you just why their music is so well regarded. With clever rhythms and an eclectic style, their music stands out time after time. They often experiment with combining genres, making for something truly special. It's no wonder then that those who appreciate quality music recognize Wormed as a premier artist.
Getting Up Close and Personal with the Music of Wormed
As music listeners, we always strive to discover new sounds and artists that could ignite our passion for everything music. And while the scene continues to be dominated by brands, one band that has made a significant impact in the underground is Wormed. The Spanish technical death metal group has been creating waves since its formation in 1998, marked with their proficiency in complex time signatures, melodic riffs, and technical wizardry.
If you’re not yet familiar with Wormed or are curious about digging deeper into their discography, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their musical biography, genre, best songs, and famous concerts. We’ll also include a critical analysis of their work, so sit tight, and let’s dive in!
Musical Biography
Wormed was birthed in Madrid, Spain, and has since become one of the most revered underground bands in death metal worldwide. They have released three full-length albums and have collaborated with various labels such as Season of Mist and Willowtip Records.
They made their impressive debut with Planisphaerium in 2003, which received nods for its high intensity, seamless technical executions, and brutal rhythms. This debut was followed by Exodromos in 2013, which brought more creativity, technicality, and melodic patterns to the group's sound. Their last album, Krighsu, was released in 2016 and marked their evolution into a sci-fi sound with impressive themes on identity, technology, and space exploration.
Wormed's unique sound is a mixture of technical death metal, brutal death metal, and sci-fi themes. Their genre is mostly defined by their proficiency in odd time signatures, melodic riffs, and growling vocals. Their music is best enjoyed by those who crave for highly sophisticated, complex structures, and tight musicianship.
Best Songs
Pinpointing the best songs of Wormed could be a daunting task as every album is a masterpiece of its own. However, here are some of their greatest works that have set them apart in their genre:
1. Pseudo-Horizon
2. Krighsu; Act I
3. Ectoplasmic Iconosphere D.2
4. The Nonlocality Trilemma
5. Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy
Famous Concerts
Wormed is known for their energetic and electrifying live performances, making them a coveted act in many underground festivals and gigs. Some of their most famous concerts are:
1. Obscene Extreme Fest in Trutnov, Czech Republic (2014)
2. Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg, Netherlands (2013)
3. Brutal Assault Fest in Jaromer, Czech Republic (2016)
4. Magog, Canada (2016)
Overall, Wormed is an act that consistently delivers high-quality technical death metal infused with thought-provoking themes that push the boundaries of their genre. Their music is an acquired taste, but those who do find it will be rewarded with a unique and intricate sound marked by superb musicianship and creativity.
Wormed may not be a household name, but their music offers a refreshing break from the monotony of modern metal. Their technical prowess, coupled with their sci-fi themes, makes them a standout act in the scene. If you're looking for something new to add to your playlist, give Wormed a shot, and you might just be treated to an extraordinary musical journey.


Next Festival
S Klub
Olomouc, Czech Republic
1 - Quasineutrality
2 - Tautochrone
3 - Stellar Depopulation
4 - Multivectorial Reionization
5 - Ylem
6 - Dehydrating
7 - Tunnel of Ions
8 - Geodesic Dome
9 - Nucleon
10 - Voxel Mitosis
11 - Pulses in Rhombus Forms
12 - The Nonlocality Trilemma
13 - Undeciphering The Inquantificability
14 - Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity
15 - Pseudo-horizon
16 - Neomorph Mindkind
17 - Darkflow Quadrivium
18 - Uncoloured Plasma Orifices Transported
19 - Techkinox Wormhole
20 - Agliptian Codex Cyborgization
21 - Xenoverse Discharger
22 - Eukaryotic Hex Swarm
23 - Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy
24 - A-life Omega Point
25 - Zeroth-energy Graviton
26 - Molecular Winds
27 - Remote Void
28 - The Singularitarianism
29 - 57889330816.1
30 - Cryptoubiquity
31 - Planisphærium
32 - Bionic Relic
33 - E-xystem://ce
34 - The Singulartarianism
35 - Floating Cadaver In The Monochrome
36 - Ectoplasmic Iconosphere [d.1]
37 - Ectoplasmic Iconosphere [d.2]
2016: Krighsu
2013: Exodromos


S Klub
Olomouc, Czech Republic
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