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Lord Belial: The Underrated Black Metal Icon
Lord Belial is an iconic black metal band formed in Sweden in 1992. The group has been a part of the metal scene for almost three decades. Despite not getting quite the recognition it deserves, the band has released incredible music throughout its career and has played some of the most memorable concerts in the metal scene. In this article, we will delve into the musical biography of the band, its music genre, and some of its best songs and concerts.
Lord Belial is a black metal band that incorporates melodic death metal elements in its music. The band consists of Thomas Backelin (vocals and guitars), Niclas Pepa Forsberg (bass guitar), Micke Backelin (drums), and Anders Backelin (guitar). The group's debut album, Kiss the Goat, was released in 1995, and since then, it has released nine more studio albums and three compilations.
Some of the best songs by Lord Belial include Unholy War, Lamia, Enter the Moonlight Gate, Purify Sweden, and The Black Curse. All these songs showcase the band's ability to mix black metal with melodic death metal and create a unique sound that is dark and aggressive but also artistic and intricate.
One of the most notable concerts Lord Belial has played was at the Wacken Open Air Festival in 1999. The band played this festival after releasing its third album, Angelgrinder, and impressed the audience with its raw energy and intense performance. The band also played at the Inferno Festival in Norway in 2014, showcasing its latest album, The Black Curse.
Critics have described Lord Belial's music as dark, intense, and melodic. The band's ability to create a balance between aggression and harmony is what sets it apart from other black metal bands. The group is not afraid to experiment with different elements in its music while still staying true to its roots. Lord Belial's lyrics are also noteworthy, often touching upon topics like Satanism, anti-Christian sentiments, and mythology.
In summary, Lord Belial is an underrated black metal band that deserves more recognition for its music. The group has been around for almost three decades, released ten studio albums, and played some of the most memorable concerts in the metal scene. The band's music genre is a mix of black metal and melodic death metal, and some of its best songs include Unholy War, Lamia, and Enter the Moonlight Gate. Lord Belial's ability to create a balance between aggression and harmony is what sets it apart from other black metal bands, and its lyrics often touch upon dark and complex themes. If you're a metalhead and haven't listened to Lord Belial yet, give them a chance, and you won't be disappointed.
1 - Trumpets Of Doom
2 - Forlorn In Silence
3 - Lamia
4 - Mark Of The Beast
5 - Pazuzu - Lord Of Fevers And Plague
6 - Unholy Spell Of Lilith
7 - Sworn
8 - Path With Endless Horizons
9 - Antichrist Reborn
10 - Inexorable Retribution
11 - Sons Of Belial
12 - Devilish Enlightenment
13 - Death As Solution
14 - Aghast
15 - Fleshbound
16 - Succubi Infernal
17 - Chariot Of Fire
18 - Desolate Passage
19 - Demonic Possession
20 - Ascension Of Lilith
21 - The Art Of Dying
22 - Legio Inferi
23 - Abysmal Hate
24 - Unorthodox Catharsis
25 - Monarchy Of Death
26 - Gateway To Oblivion
27 - Nocturnus
28 - Grace Of God
29 - Soul Gate
30 - Armageddon Revelation
31 - Insufferable Rituals
32 - Hymn Of The Ancient Misanthropic Spirit Of The Forest
33 - Black Wings Of Death
34 - Indoctrination Of Human Sorrow
35 - Unholy War
36 - Into The Frozen Shadows
37 - The Ancient Slumber
38 - Unspoken Veneration
39 - Death Cult Era
40 - 7th Seal
41 - Scythe Of Death
42 - Primordial Incantation
43 - Osculum Obscenum
44 - Ancient Splendor
45 - Enter The Moonlight Gate
46 - Satan Divine
47 - Crucifixion
2022: Rapture
2007: Revelation