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Melechesh is an ethnically Assyrian black metal band that originated in Jerusalem and is currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ashmedi started the band as a solo project in 1993. In the following year, guitarist Moloch and drummer Lord Curse were added to the line-up.
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Last songs aggiornate a Ottobre 2022
Sultan Of Mischief
A Summoning Of Ifrit And Genii
Oasis Of Molten Gold


Le migliori canzoni di Melechesh - la classifica dei top 10 brani dell'artista

1. - Ladders to Sumeria
2. - Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
3. - Sacred Geometry
4. - Gyroscope
5. - Double Helixed Sceptre
6. - Leper Jerusalem
7. - Deluge Of Delusional Dreams
8. - Touching The Spheres Of Sephiroth
9. - Sand Grain Universe
10. - Of Mercury And Mercury
2010: ''The Epigenesis''
2006: ''Emissaries'' listen full album
2003: ''Sphynx'' listen full album
2001: ''Djinn'' listen full album
1996: ''As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar''