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Soul music

Music from the soul grabs a hold of you and reaches right into your heart. Acoustic blues and gospel influenced by popÉ everyone has feelings. The perfect beat. The sweet melodies of Soul music. When we listen to soul music, it can bring us back to our roots, connecting us to something deeper and more meaningful that transcends words. Listeners may find themselves instantly transported, swaying in time with the driving rhythm and instrumentals that give soul its unique sound. Lyrically, oftentimes lyrics of love and heartache abound in classic staples like Sam CookeÕs ÒYou Send MeÓ as breakbeats fuel nostalgia and spark an appreciation for joyous life experiences. So whether you'me rocking Motown classics or outlying gospel hits, Soul music is sure to add an unforgettable spark of energy to soundtrack your life's moments. A playlist with the best soul music songs