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Ojos de Brujo

Ojos de Brujo ("Sorcerer Eyes" in English[1]) was a nine-piece band from Barcelona who describe their style as "jipjop flamenkillo" (hip-hop with a little flamenco).[2] The band sold over 100,000 copies of their self-produced Barí album, and has received several awards, among these the BBC Radio 3 World Music Award for Europe in 2004[3] (having also been nominated in 2003[4]).
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2012: ''Al Lindrum Presents: Ojos De Brujo Reworked''
2010: ''Corriente Vital: 10 Años''
2009: ''Aocaná''
2006: ''Techarí''
2004: ''Barí''
2001: ''Vengue''