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Cyantific is the stage name of Jon Stanley, an electronic producer-DJ from London, England. Cyantific was originally a duo, but split in 2009.
Getting to Know the Electrifying Artist Cyantific
For the lovers of the music genre drum and bass who look for an electrifying artist with a cosmic twist, the name Cyantific might sound familiar. Cyantific, also known as Jonathan Stanley, is a drum and bass DJ and record producer hailing from London, United Kingdom. His music has quickly taken over the rave culture around the world, with his cosmic soundscapes and electrifying synth work. This article aims to introduce you to Cyantific’s musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a little bit of a critique to leave you inspired and energized.
Cyantific’s rise to fame was nothing but fierce and determined. He started his musical journey back in 2002 when he signed his first recording contract with Hospital Records, one of the most prestigious drum and bass labels in the United Kingdom. His debut EP release, Bloodline / Quiet Star, shook the drum and bass scene and was quickly recognized as a game-changer. From this point on, Cyantific’s music career exploded, with appearances at some of the most popular festivals, including Glastonbury.
What sets Cyantific’s music apart is his ability to combine elements of different genres such as techno, dubstep, and house and create a cosmic soundscape that feels both elevating and energizing. One of his most recognized songs, Welcome to the Future, features an electrifying synth riff that perfectly blends with the dark bassline and pounding drums. Another of his fan favorites, Out of Time, showcases Cyantific’s versatility in approaching different styles within drum and bass, with the chorus delivering a melodic and satisfying punch.
Cyantific isn't just a producer; he’s also a great performer that can rock any crowd. One of his most famous shows was at the iconic drum and bass festival, Let it Roll, in 2019. During his set, he delivered a high-intensity performance filled with energy and excitement. Cyantific's skill in mixing and track selection created a unique and unforgettable experience that left the audience demanding an encore.
A lot of his newer songs have focused more on combining the drum and bass sounds with pop-inspired songwriting structures, featuring clean and polished vocals that serve to underline the uplifting themes of his songs. One of his most recent musical sensations is Don’t Follow, a euphoric collaboration with drummer and bass producer Raphaella. This song showcases Cyantific’s ability to bring a pop-inspired hook into the drum and bass genre while still working worlds within its signature sound.
Cyantific is a master of the cosmic and electrifying soundscape of drum and bass music. His music career rises with the recognition of its exceptional sound, versatile style, and high-energy performances. From his game-changing debut EP to his newest releases, Cyantific's fans have known no greater euphoria and energy. As he continues to evolve and modulate his sound, we can anticipate a bright future for this gifted artist. So, if you are a lover of drum and bass and haven’t yet explored the wonders of Cyantific, run to listen to his music. You won't be disappointed.

The Musical Biography of Cyantific: From His Beginnings to His Greatest Hits

Cyantific is a drum and bass producer and DJ from London, England. He has been active in the music scene for over 15 years and has released many successful albums and singles. If you're not familiar with Cyantific, let me take you on a journey through his musical biography. In this article, I will cover his beginnings, his most famous albums, his most famous songs, and his musical style and influences.

Cyantific, whose real name is Jonathan Stanley, got his start in the music industry back in 2002. He released his first single, Disconnected, on his own label, Cyantific Recordings. The song received positive reviews and quickly caught the attention of drum and bass fans. Cyantific went on to release many more successful singles, which led to his first album, Ghetto Blaster, in 2006.

One of Cyantific's most successful albums is his second album, Bloodline, which was released in 2010. The album features collaborations with well-known artists such as Logistics, Matrix & Futurebound, and Shock One. Bloodline is a testament to Cyantific's musical diversity, featuring tracks that range from liquid funk to dark, hard-hitting drum and bass.

When it comes to Cyantific's most famous songs, Outatime is a fan favorite. Released in 2008, the song is a rollercoaster ride packed with energy and intensity. Empty Streets is another popular track, featuring soaring vocals and a catchy melody. And Power Surge, a collaboration with Wilkinson, is a high-octane banger that's sure to get any crowd moving.

Cyantific's musical style is characterized by his ability to seamlessly blend different genres of drum and bass. He's known for his melodic, uplifting tracks as well as his heavy, bass-driven tunes. He also draws influences from other genres such as rock and hip-hop, which adds a unique flavor to his productions.

Cyantific has established himself as a respected producer and DJ within the drum and bass scene. From his early beginnings on his self-released label to his most successful albums and fan-favorite songs, Cyantific's musical biography is full of milestones that have impacted the genre. His unique style and diverse influences continue to inspire and captivate fans around the world. Whether you're a long-time listener or just discovering his music, Cyantific's catalog is a must-listen for any drum and bass fan.
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1 - Bounce It
2 - Walking Away
3 - Ice Cream
4 - Empty Streets
5 - Ghetto Blaster
6 - Neon Skyline
7 - Hard Times
8 - Type A
9 - Mirador
10 - Hong Kong Express
11 - Space Station Kru
12 - Output
13 - Disconnected
14 - Power Surge
15 - Little Green Men
16 - Riviera
17 - Asia
18 - Snowflake
19 - Quiet Star
20 - Flashback
21 - Solar Flares
22 - Don't Follow
23 - Don't Follow (feat. Diane Charlemagne)
24 - Neon Skyline (high School Prom Mix)
25 - Pulse 101
26 - More Than Human
27 - 88mph
28 - Cyborg
29 - Back Off
30 - Bloodline - Tantrum Desire Remix
31 - Fade Into The Night
32 - Be True
33 - 90
34 - Reincarnation Dub
35 - Wild Child
36 - All I Want
37 - Cover Story
38 - Colour In The Shadows
39 - Good Weather
40 - Ghetto Blaster (sparfunk Remix)
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