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Trance passion in the Love Parade festival

Electronic dance music festival, Love Parade, held annually starting in 1989, originating in West Berlin, Germany. Matthias Roeingh (“Dr...read more
Tag: loveparade, berlin, german, bpitch, dortmund, trance, paul van dyk

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Best Nu Metal's bands

The beginning: Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Korn all became popular and released multi-platinum or diamond albums in the 1990s. A new wave of the American heavy metal genre, Nu metal combines elements of hip-hop, alternative rock, funk, grunge and heavy metal music, which is also known as (ñu-metal or aggro-metal)...read more
Tag: nu metal, 90s, korn, limp bizkit, mix rock

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8 Of The Best Holiday and Christmas Gifts For Newlyweds - part 2

Gifts for the Home · Personalized gifts – Newlyweds often register for the necessities during the shower and wedding. That’s why a special, personalized gift for their first holiday season together may be a great idea...read more
Tag: best christmas songs, gifts, newlyweds, new ideas

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8 Of The Best Holiday and Christmas Gifts For Newlyweds - part 1

Choosing holiday gifts for newlyweds can be tricky because they recently received so many gifts at their wedding. You want to give a gift that shows them how much you care, but you aren’t quite sure what they already have or what other people are getting them...read more
Tag: best christmas songs, gifts, newlyweds, new ideas

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A brief review of Nu Metal

Musicians are like scientists. As artists, many musicians love to explore sounds, create and mix the elements of many musical styles...read more
Tag: nu metal, 90s, korn, limp bizkit, mix rock

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A minimal and repetitive tale about deep dub

Vaun and Amimai’s breakthrough tunes of 2013 “Taking Over”, captured the deep dub rhythm with Amimai’s outstanding vocals, along with captivating keys, strings and sub bass. In the late 1960’s the great pioneer’s Osbourne”King Tubby”, Errol Thompson, Ruddock Lee and many other artists...read more
Tag: Deep dub, minimal, hypnotic electronica, King Tubby

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Drop Music and Songs: An overview

Drop or drop beat is a musical style adopted in music when there is a sudden decrease or increase in rhythm or bassline of a song after a build section and break. When we paraphrase words of NPR about drop he says that it is the point in a dance track when energy is released during its progression and after sometime the pitch is higher and ultimately dropped...read more
Tag: Beat Drop, drum machine, heavy drops, electronic music

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Shuffle dance: What is It And What are its important Features?

Shuffle dance: What is It And What are its important Features?The actual name of shuffle dance is Melbourne shuffle, and it is an organized dance that takes place at parties or in any public place. It is called Melbourne shuffle because it originated from the most populous city of Victoria state, the city of Melbourne, Australia in the 1980s...read more
Tag: shuffle dance, dancing, melbourne, t-step, running man

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Hardcore punk

Hard core punk is sub-genre of Punk rock and subculture originated in the ending years of 1970s. According to Steven Blush it got its name when D...read more
Tag: hardcore punk, rebellion, punk, mosh pit, society

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What is Cali4nia Music? A brief interview with Damon Micheal

Today we are meeting Damon from Cali4nia Music, a very interesting new project we would like to know more aboutHi Damon, how are you? How was Cali4niamusic born?cali4niamusic is something that was naturally formed through the struggle and the journey of meeting different types of artists interacting and growing together. We realized the value and benefit of working together and we formed alliances rather than enemies...read more
Tag: music and art, label, recordings, open-mind,

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Reggae Music: what is it?

It is genre of music originated when Jamaicans initiated to express their suffering and hardships about social and political matters through music in the 1960s and early 1970s. Their prominence and emphasis was on a deep background bass musical movement, and catchy guitar riffs...read more
Tag: Reggae music, Bob Marley, Jamaica, freedom, upbeat

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6 Ways to Make Money as an indie rock Musician In the Pandemic

Part of the reality of being a musician during a pandemic is the need to diversify your revenue streams or even find new ones. The more you can broaden your income, the more lucrative your endeavors will be...read more
Tag: indie rock, indipendent, musician, artists, youtube

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The 2017 BBMAs

Tag: bbmas, billboard

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It’s Breakbeat Music, what are you waiting for?

Breakbeat is an electronic music sub-genre started in last decades of 1900s and enjoyed its golden era in early 1990s. It was recognized when DJ Kool Herc was playing funk breaks in rows through irregular drum beats on songs written by James Brown, Funky Drummer, The Winstons or The Amen Brother...read more
Tag: Breakbeat, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, rhythm, dancing

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An overview of 2-step Garage music

2-step garage is an electronic music genre and subgenre of UK garage. The drum beat of 2-step garage is unique and distinctive, a syncopated rhythm that just keeps you there...read more
Tag: 2step garage, Craig David, Artful Dodger, London, beat

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