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A Guide to Rock Music Charts

Have you ever wanted to get into rock music but weren’t sure where to start? Are you looking for a way to expand your music library beyond the classic hits? Look no further than the rock music charts! Rock charts can be an invaluable tool for discovering new music, and this guide will teach you how to use them. Let's dive in! What are the Rock Charts? The rock charts are lists of popular songs, albums, and artists in the world of rock music...read more
Tag: rock chart, best rock songs of the moment, rock music

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An Introduction to Rap Metal

If you're looking for a unique sound that combines the best of both worlds, rap metal is the perfect genre for you! This fusion genre blends the hard-hitting drums and chugging riffs of heavy metal with the lyrical flow of rap music. It's an exciting and eclectic mix that has been captivating listeners since it first emerged in the early 1990s...read more
Tag: rap metal, 90s, crossover, Linkin Park

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The Latest Dance Craze: Shuffle Dancing to YouTube Songs

If your kids are like mine, they’re always looking for the latest and greatest dance craze. Last year it was TikTok dances, but now there’s a newer dance trend that’s taking over the world of YouTube—shuffle dancing! This type of dancing is all about combining rhythm and flow with some of the latest music from YouTube...read more
Tag: shuffle dance, tik tok, youtube, dance trends

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Pantera back on stage after 11 years!

On April 15th, groove metal pioneers Pantera put on their first show in 11 years. The performance took place at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, and the band did not disappoint...read more
Tag: Pantera, stage, vulgar display of power, live music

Should soft drugs be legalised?

Since ancient times the line between legal and illegal has always been thin and has been modified following the dominant school of thought and the cultural mood of the period. Between the things that have passed through this weak and hypothetical wall there are also soft drugs...read more
Tag: drugs addicted, marijane, dependence, split a joint

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Elton John is Glastonbury 2023's First Headliner!

It’s official! British music legend Elton John has been confirmed as the first headliner for Glastonbury Festival 2023. This will be his fourth appearance at Worthy Farm, and it is sure to be a show to remember...read more
Tag: Elton John, Glastonbury 2023, live, concerts

Bands Who Did Not Play Woodstock

The Doors we just a few of the famous bands of the 1960's that choose not to attend Woodstock, Jim Morrison felt this outdoor event would not work for his band, choosing not to attend the most famous festival of all time. Led Zeppelin was in his prime touring the East Coast of America, playing at his own music concert at the famous Asbury Park Convention Hall, in New Jersey on the weekend of the Woodstock Festival...read more
Tag: woodstock, lostopportunity, festival, moneyorhonor, ledzeppelin, thedoors, therollingstones

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How Entertainment Workers Can Stay Productive Working from Home

Has your business or income been limited by COVID-19-related restrictions and closures? If you’re a musician, DJ or working in any other segment of the entertainment industry, you very likely answered yes to that question. With concerts, events and filming on hold right now, we’re all looking for safe ways to supplement our income, which most likely means working from home...read more
Tag: hypter music, alternative music, freelancer, coronavirus

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Making Music at Home: 4 Tips to Kickstart Your Musical Career

Despite many gloomy reports on the state of the music industry, it is still booming, even for smaller independent names. MIDiA Research on independent music and self-releasing artists found that the indie’s share in the music market was up to 43...read more
Tag: indie songs, independent music, indie, indie rock artist

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Get Ready for The Offspring's Upcoming Album!

What Can We Expect? The Offspring is known for their combination of punk, rock, and pop influences, creating a unique sound that has helped them gain a loyal fanbase over the years. While it’s still too early to tell exactly what kind of music we can expect on their next album, Holland has hinted that they plan to experiment with different genres and styles while maintaining their signature sound...read more
Tag: Offspring

From the Block to the Top: The Life and Discography of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has come a long way from her block in the Bronx. She started out as a dancer on In Living Color, and has since become one of the most successful entertainers in the world...read more
Tag: jennifer lopez, A.K.A., jlo, Best Latin Pop Album

Metallica: M72 World Tour Dates Announced!

Metallica fans rejoice! The world tour dates for the M72 Tour have been announced, giving you plenty of opportunities to see the metal gods live. Kicking off in June with a few shows in North America, Metallica will be hitting stages all around the globe this summer and fall...read more
Tag: metallica, tour dates 2023, new album, new song

How Robert Moog's electronic instrument changed modern music

Originally founded as R.A Moog Co in 1953, based in Trumansburg New York...read more
Tag: moog, experimentalmusic, electromusic, syntheticeffects

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Jennifer Lopez just announced her first new album in nine years, This Is Me… Now.

Fans of the singer, dancer, and actress have been eagerly awaiting a new release since her last record A.K.A was released back in 2014...read more
Tag: Jennifer Lopez, album, This Is Me...Now, Medicine, pop star

Skate Punk

Steve Olson, the legend behind the creation of Skate Punk, skated the sidewalks along route 66 freeways in California. The 1980’s journey of skateboarding and punk rock united on the Pacific Ocean sidewalk, joining entities to create an everlasting identity, now known as skate punk...read more
Tag: skate punk, california, vans, coast, Green Day

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