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DJ Spooky

Paul Dennis Miller (born September 6, 1970), known professionally as DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid, is an American electronic and experimental hip hop musician whose work is often called by critics illbient or trip hop". He is a turntablist, record producer, philosopher, and author.
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2012: ''Ice Music''
2009: ''The Secret Song''
2005: ''Drums of Death''
2004: ''Riddim Clash''
2002: ''Catechism''
2002: ''Optometry''
2001: ''Nest''
1999: ''DJ Toolz / Manifold Tracks''
1999: ''File Under Futurism''
1999: ''The Quick and the Dead''
1998: ''Riddim Warfare''
1996: ''Songs of a Dead Dreamer''
''Adbusters: Live Without Dead Time''