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Era (styled as +eRa+) is a New Age music project by French composer Eric Lévi. The band has sold more than 12 million albums. Move to the groove of eras past and experience a journey across history with music! Uncover the stories and rise of some of the world's most revered artists. Listen in on their legendary work and celebrate each sound that lives forever. There's no doubt you will find your favorite hit in this crowd. Experience how songs evolve over time and witnesshow sounds come together to immerse us in a musical experience unlike any other. Groove to and enjoy theof bestsongs that have moved people generations after generations!


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2025-02-05 h: 20:00
Zénith de la Métropole Rouen Normandie
Rouen, France

Examining Era's Latest Album Rise Up: The Good and the Controversial

Era is one of the most popular music artists today, with her moving lyrics and stunningly beautiful voice she won thousands of hearts around the world. However, her works have always raised controversies, and while many adore Era for her unique creativity and passionate singing style there are those who find her empowering messages a bit too controversial or over-the-top. In this blog post, we will be examining both sides of the coin - what may be considered good about Era's work as well as some critiques that have been made about it. With an open mind let us dive into discussing Era's latest released album “Rise Up”: its themes, significance to her career, and overall opinions on it.

Music has always been a powerful tool for expression, and no other artist captures this as perfectly as Era. Known for her empowering messages and stunningly beautiful voice, she has won thousands of hearts around the world. However, Era's works have also raised controversies, with some finding her messages too controversial and over-the-top. With the release of her latest album Rise Up, we take a closer look at both the good and the critiques of Era's work. Let's dive into discussing the themes, significance to her career, and our overall opinions on her latest work.

The album Rise Up is a beautiful collection of songs that feature Era's signature powerful vocals and lyrics. One aspect of the album that stands out is the theme of empowerment throughout most of the songs. Era's messages are powerful and inspiring, cultivating a sense of inner strength and courage within the listeners. The tracks Good Time, Don't Stop, and Heartbeat embodies the message of being resilient in the face of adversity. Listeners have praised Era for how relatable the songs are, making it a go-to album when going through tough times.

While Era's songs are often deemed as uplifting and inspiring, some people believe that her messages can be too intense and overbearing. Some of the lyrics are seen as too aggressive or in your face, which takes away from the overall message of the song. The track You're Mine was criticized for its message of possessiveness, which some say is sending the wrong message to her younger audience. People have also criticized Era's choice of words, finding them too vulgar or violent for a music artist.

Despite the critiques, Era's album Rise Up is still held in high regard by her fans. One reason why the album holds significance is Era's personal journey as an artist. Rise Up shows how far she has come since her first album, and the growth she has exhibited as an artist. The album transcends the messages of empowerment and motivation, as we see her tackling themes of love, heartbreak, and overall human emotions. The track Forgive Myself shows Era's remorse and eagerness to move past regret, which is a relatable theme to many listeners.

Another standout aspect of Rise Up is how Era combines different cultures in some of the songs. Era uses elements of African music in the track Africana and “Don’t You Forget” has a Middle Eastern vibe. This infusion of different cultural elements makes her music more diverse and allows her to reach a wider audience. Her fans praise her for the rich and unique sounds present in the album.

In conclusion, Era's album Rise Up represents the growth and creativity of a legendary music artist. The themes of empowerment, self-love, and resilience are demonstrated in her signature melodic sound, touching the hearts of her fans. While there are critiques on the album's message, Era's purpose is to inspire and give motivation to her listeners. Rise Up portrays her journey as an artist and showcases her ability to create a diverse album that caters to the taste of many. Overall Rise Up is another win for Era as she secures herself as a revolutionary music artist of our time.
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1 - Ameno
2 - Divano
3 - The Mass
4 - Misere Mani
5 - Era
6 - Mother
7 - Enae Volare Mezzo
8 - Hymne
9 - Enae Volare
10 - Sentence
11 - Mirror
12 - Ameno (Remix)
13 - Could Be Anything
14 - Avemano
15 - Cathar Rhythm
16 - Looking For Something
17 - Infanati
18 - Don't Go Away
19 - Devore Amante
20 - Don't You Forget
21 - Madona
22 - Omen Sore
23 - Don't U
24 - After Time
25 - The Champions
26 - Sempire D'amor
27 - Sombre Day
28 - If You Shout
29 - In Fine
30 - Avemano Orchestral
31 - Reborn
32 - Prayers
33 - Dark Voices
34 - Come Into My World
35 - After Thousand Words
36 - Kilimandjaro
37 - Thousand Words
38 - Mother (remix)
39 - Last Song
40 - Adajio
41 - I Believe
42 - Sinfoni Deo
43 - Come Into My World (remix)
2009: Classics
2008: Reborn
2003: The Mass
2000: Era 2
1998: Infinity
1996: Era


2025-02-05 h: 20:00
Zénith de la Métropole Rouen Normandie
Rouen, France
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2025-02-07 h: 20:00
Vaudoise Aréna
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Palais des Congrès
Paris, France
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Palais des Congrès
Paris, France
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Zénith de Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France
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Ldlc Arena
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La Roche-sur-Yon, France
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Arena Futuroscope
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Zénith Toulouse Metropole
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Arena du Pays d'Aix
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Le Liberté
Rennes, France
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Zénith Arena de Lille
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Vorst Nationaal/Forest National
Brussels, Belgium
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2025-02-27 h: 19:00
Zénith de Nancy
Nancy, France
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2025-02-28 h: 20:00
Zénith de Dijon
Dijon, France
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