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Serge Lama (b. in Bordeaux on 11 February 1943) is a French singer and songwriter. He was born in Bordeaux.
The Legendary Serge Lama: An Insight on His Life, Music & Best Performances
The world of music has witnessed many legendary artists, but only a few could leave an indelible mark. Out of them is Serge Lama, a French singer and songwriter who has aced the art of music for over five decades. He is a versatile singer who has audience irrespective of genres. His soulful and melodious voice has touched the hearts of countless listeners worldwide. In this blog, we will take you on a journey of Serge Lama's life, music, and best performances over the years.
Serge Lama was born in Bordeaux, France, on February 11, 1943. Coming from a modest family background, he started singing from a young age and won his first regional singing competition at 14. Lama had a brief stint in the French Army until 1963 when he started his music career in Paris. Serge Lama's music genre incorporates various styles, including pop, chanson, and ballads, which reflect his versatility as a singer.
One of Serge Lama's most popular works is his debut album 'D'aventures en aventures,' released in 1968. The record was a commercial success and has sold more than 1 million copies in France alone. His song 'Je suis malade' from this album remains a masterpiece even today. Another famous song of his is 'Femme, femme, femme,' which is an ode to women. It is a catchy tune that has been sung and danced to at many weddings.
Serge Lama is known for his impromptu performances and emotional renditions that leave an indelible impression on the audience. One of the most memorable concerts he gave was in 1982 in the Olympia theatre in Paris, which went on for six months and was extended nine times. His residency in the Olympia was a record-breaking success that still inspires admiration and respect among music enthusiasts. Another famous performance of Lama's was at the Palais des Sports in 1979, where he gave a captivating show that lasted over two hours.
Despite all this fame and success, Serge Lama has had his fair share of criticism. Some have complained that his music lacks innovation and that he has not evolved over time. Some have also criticized his songwriting skills, calling them clichéd and too sentimental. However, these criticisms do not seem to have affected his music's popularity and his fan base's continued support.
Serge Lama's music has transcended time and touched the hearts of countless listeners worldwide. He is a legendary artist who continues to inspire younger generations with his beautiful music. His versatility, emotional performance, and soulful voice are what have made him great. Lama's music will always remain an enduring legacy, cherished by his fans worldwide.
1 - Tarzan est heureux
2 - Une Ile
3 - Je Suis Malade
4 - Les Glycines
5 - Superman
6 - Moyennant Quoi
7 - D'aventures En Aventures
8 - Les P'tites Femmes De Pigalle
9 - Chez Moi
10 - Femme Femme Femme
11 - L'esclave
12 - La Vie Lilas
13 - Marie La Polonaise
14 - Je T'aime A La Folie
15 - Les Ballons Rouges
16 - Mon Ami Mon Maître
17 - Un Jardin Sur La Terre
18 - L'enfant D'un Autre
19 - L'enfant Au Piano
20 - L'algérie
21 - Casablanca (en Duo Avec Carla Bruni)
22 - Le Temps De La Rengaine
23 - Je T'aime à La Folie
24 - Je Voudrais Tant Que Tu Sois Là
25 - Dans L'espace
26 - Le 15 Juillet à Cinq Heures
27 - C'est Toujours Comme Ca La Première Fois
28 - Souvenirs Attention Danger
29 - Charivarivari
30 - La Balade Du Poète
31 - Je T'aime
32 - Bordeaux
33 - Et Puis On S'apercoit