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Discovering the Soulful Music of Celeste: A Biography and Best Songs
In the music industry, there are artists that solely make catchy songs, while others create music that comes from the soul. Celeste falls under the latter. The British-Jamaican singer-songwriter has been making soulful music for quite some time now and has recently won the Rising Star Award at the Brit Awards 2020. If you haven't heard of her yet, this post will introduce you to her musical biography, her best songs, musical genre, and her most famous concerts.
1. Musical Biography: Celeste first burst into the music scene in 2017 with her debut single, Daydreaming, which had a powerful soulful influence. Her music has followed that trend ever since, winning her critical acclaim worldwide. Influenced by artists like Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, and Ella Fitzgerald, Celeste's music offers a rare glimpse into the past with her fresh twist, and she writes her music and lyrics herself. She grew up between Brighton and Los Angeles, and her multicultural background has undoubtedly influenced her sound.
2. Best Songs: Celeste has released an array of soulful songs, but the ones that stand out the most are Strange, Coco Blood, Both Sides Of The Moon and Father's Son. These songs are a testament to her storytelling talent, relaying her innermost thoughts and emotions through her music. Listening to her best songs, you'll realize that her music not only comes from the soul but also speaks to the soul.
3. Musical Genre: As mentioned earlier, Celeste's music is heavily influenced by soul and jazz. But her sound can be challenging to categorize due to the unique blend of genres she tends to infuse in her songs. Her music often features string arrangements, horns, and piano in the background, creating a perfect blend of retro and modern sounds.
4. Famous Concerts: Celeste is known for her passionate and intimate performances that bring her music to life. Her live shows have been appreciated internationally, including her sets at Coachella, Glastonbury, and the White House. She's also been a support act for critical artists such as Michael Kiwanuka and Janelle Monae. Her most famous concert was probably her performance of Strange at the Brit Awards 2020, a tour de force rendition that left the audience on their feet.
5. Critic: Celeste's music has been dubbed inspirational, poignant, and honest. Her soulful sound has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide, and she's often compared to legends like Amy Winehouse and Adele. Her unique voice, outstanding storytelling abilities, and undeniable talent have undoubtedly made her an artist to watch out for.
Celeste is a rare artist whose talent and style are in a league of its own. Her soulful music is a nod to the past, but it still feels new and fresh. She's not only influential but also inspirational, and her best songs are bound to make you emotional. Her musical biography and her most famous concerts are testaments to her incredible work ethic as a musician. Celeste is a voice you'll want to hear more of, and we have no doubt she'll continue to thrive in the music industry.
1 - Strange - Edit
2 - Lately
3 - Father's Son
4 - Coco Blood
5 - Ces Belles De Rêve Aux Verres Embués
6 - Les Mains Brisées Comme Leurs Souvenirs
7 - Both Sides Of The Moon
8 - Comme Pour Leurrer Les Regards Et Cette Odeur De Cadavre
9 - Que Des Yeux Vides Et Séchés
10 - (s)
11 - Tonight Tonight
12 - En Troupeau Des Louves En Trompe L'œil Des Agneaux
13 - Il Y A Biens Des Porcs Que ça Ferait Bander De T'étouffer
14 - Au Feu Le Savoir
15 - Un Miroir Pur Qui Te Rend Misérable
16 - Toucher Ce Vide Béant Attise Ma Fascination
17 - On Pendra Les Femmes Et Les Enfants En Premier
18 - Little Runaway
19 - De Sorte Que Plus Jamais Un Instant Ne Soit Magique
20 - La Gorge Ouverte Et Décharnée
21 - I Can See The Change
22 - Une Insomnie Avec Qui Tout Le Monde Voudrait Baiser
23 - Mais Quel Plaisir De Voir Cette Tête D'enfant Rougir Et Suer
24 - Summer
25 - Pour Maintenir Encore Une Fois La Distance
26 - Laissé Pour Compte Comme Un Bâtard
27 - A Défaut De Te Jeter Sur Ta Progéniture
28 - Hear My Voice
29 - Mais Encore Faut-il Pouvoir Renier Tout Un Programme
30 - A Little Love - From The John Lewis & Waitrose Christmas Advert 2020
31 - Il Y Aura Des Femmes à Remercier Et De La Chair à Embrocher
32 - Afin De Tromper L'ennui
33 - Tu Regardes Trop Fort, Tu Penses Trop Fort, Tu Parles Trop Fort
34 - Au Pied D'une Bicoque Peu Séduisante
35 - Comme S'il Suffisait De Lever Le Doigt Pour Refaire
36 - Diluons Nos Souvenirs D'enfance
37 - Ideal Woman
38 - D'abysse En Abysse
39 - She's My Sunshine
40 - Sans Crainte De S'avouer Un Jour Naufragée
41 - ...anesthésié Vos Membres Dans Une Orgie D'enthousiasme
42 - (x)
43 - De Sévices En Amitiés
44 - Mais Va Vendre Ton Dédain
45 - Dans Ta Salive, Sur Sa Peau
46 - Cette Chute Brutale
47 - Tell Me Something I Don't Know
48 - Love Is Back
49 - Beloved
50 - To Love A Man
51 - Strange
52 - Stop This Flame